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Atlas of Abdominoplasty

Aly, Al, M.D.

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery: December 2009 - Volume 124 - Issue 6 - p 2187
doi: 10.1097/PRS.0b013e3181c35aee

    Atlas of Abdominoplasty

    By Joseph P. Hunstad and Remus Repta. Pp. 242, Elsevier, Ltd., Philadelphia, Pa. 2008. Price: $149.

    This book is an illustrated operative technique compendium of body contouring procedures that the lead author, J. P. Hunstad, has compiled over a lifetime of experience. It contains 15 chapters that cover far more than just abdominoplasty. In brief, the chapters cover “History,” “Anatomic Considerations,” “Liposuction in Abdominal Contouring,” “Endoscopic Abdominoplasty,” “Mini Abdominoplasty,” “Lipoabdominoplasty,” “Full Abdominoplasty,” “Extended Abdominoplasty,” “Circumferential Abdominoplasty,” “Reverse Abdominoplasty,” “Complete Revision Abdominoplasty,” “The Umbilicus,” “Ancillary Procedures,” “Management of Existing Abdominal Scars,” and “Complications.” The book has an accompanying DVD containing video of 10 surgical procedures that add significant insight. All of the chapters are written by Hunstad and Repta, except for the lipoabdominoplasty chapter, which is written by Ruth Graf and colleagues. Dr. Graf is an accomplished surgeon, and the lipoabdominoplasty chapter very nicely complements the tour de force that this book delivers. The entire book is heavily illustrated with photographs and an occasional well-placed diagram to help the reader understand the authors' intent.

    All the operative technique chapters essentially have the same format: “Introduction,” “Patient Selection,” “Preoperative History and Considerations,” “Operative Approach,” and “Postoperative Care.” Shaded boxes within each chapter allow the reader to quickly glance at the salient points. The box titles are “Key Points,” “Relative Contraindications,” “Preoperative Recommendations,” “Postoperative Instructions,” and “Summary and Clinical Caveats.” The “Management of Existing Abdominal Scars” and “Complications” chapters are excellent and will help the reader handle some of the most difficult problems encountered in truncal contouring.

    There is not much to criticize about this book, but I felt that the figure legends did not match the photographs well at times and the layout of the photographs sometimes did not match the preoperative and postoperative photographs intuitively. My only criticism with the content is that the authors did not delve much into some of the controversies that surround certain procedures demonstrated in the book. Of course, it should be remembered that this is an “atlas”-type book and does not pretend to cover points of view other than those of the authors.

    Hunstad is well known to all body contour surgeons, with many of his innovations and techniques utilized by many of us. I think the reader will stand to learn much from this master surgeon, with his well-thought-out plans and the efficient manner in which he accomplishes his goals in the operating room. Although I do not agree with some of the techniques presented (e.g., vertical mons resections and buttocks autoaugmentation), it would be unusual for any two surgeons to completely agree on everything they do. I certainly learned a great deal from this book and plan to use it as a reference. I would suggest that any plastic surgeon who is serious about body contouring would benefit from owning this book.

    Al Aly, M.D.



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