January 2022 - Volume 34 - Issue 1 : Pediatric Physical Therapy

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January 2022 - Volume 34 - Issue 1
pp: 1-141

Effects of Therapeutic Ultrasound on Growth Plates: A Systematic Review

Baghdadi, Soroush; Harwood, Kathleen; Greenberg, Elliot; More

Pediatric Physical Therapy. 34(1):2-8, January 2022.

Effectiveness of Different Physiotherapy Protocols in Children in the Intensive Care Unit: A Randomized Clinical Trial

Souza, Gabrielle Sousa Barros; Novais, Mariana Furtado Marques; Lemes, Guilherme Euzébio; More

Pediatric Physical Therapy. 34(1):10-15, January 2022.

Analysis of Spontaneous Movements in Infants With Torticollis

Kahraman, Aysu; Büğüşan Oruç, Sema; Erdoğan, Derya; More

Pediatric Physical Therapy. 34(1):17-21, January 2022.

The Observational Gait Scale Can Help Determine the GMFCS Level in Children With Cerebral Palsy

Zapata, Karina A.; Rushing, Charter L.; Delgado, Mauricio R.; More

Pediatric Physical Therapy. 34(1):23-26, January 2022.

Pelvic Floor Muscle Resting Tone in Children With Dysfunctional Voiding Symptomology Following Simple Gross Motor Exercises

Berg-Poppe, Patti; Christensen, Monica; Koskovich, Nicole; More

Pediatric Physical Therapy. 34(1):28-35, January 2022.

Functional Symmetry Observation Scale, Version 2: Development and Content Validation Using a Modified Delphi Method

Rahlin, Mary; Barnett, Joyce; Sarmiento, Bernadette

Pediatric Physical Therapy. 34(1):37-44, January 2022.

Regional Differences in School-Based Physical Therapy Practice for Students Who Made Progress on 2 Outcome Measures

Caldwell, Michele; Effgen, Susan; Tezanos, Alejandro Villasante; More

Pediatric Physical Therapy. 34(1):46-54, January 2022.

Physical Literacy in Elementary Physical Education: A Survey of Fundamental Movement Skill Practice Patterns

Butler, Lauren S.; Gupta, Apeksha; DeVerna, Amie; More

Pediatric Physical Therapy. 34(1):56-61, January 2022.


Experiential Learning in Pediatric Physical Therapist Education: Challenges and Facilitators

Wynarczuk, Kimberly D.; Gagnon, Kendra; Schreiber, Joseph; More

Pediatric Physical Therapy. 34(1):63-71, January 2022.

Changing the Paradigm of School-Based Physical Therapist Service Delivery: Using Evidence to Support Intensive Intervention

Kinsey, Erin; Curto, Colleen; Glassman, Dana; More

Pediatric Physical Therapy. 34(1):73-80, January 2022.

Effectiveness of Modified Sports for Children and Adolescents With Cerebral Palsy: A Pragmatic Study Protocol

R. de Sousa Junior, Ricardo; R. Camargos, Ana Cristina; Clutterbuck, Georgina L.; More

Pediatric Physical Therapy. 34(1):81-87, January 2022.