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Winter 2015 - Volume 27 - Issue 4
pp: 315-462,E1-E14

Postconcussion Postural Sway Variability Changes in Youth: The Benefit of Structural Variability Analyses

Quatman-Yates, Catherine C.; Bonnette, Scott; Hugentobler, Jason A.; More

Pediatric Physical Therapy. 27(4):316-327, Winter 2015.

Postural Control of Anteroposterior and Mediolateral Sway in Children With Probable Developmental Coordination Disorder

Chen, Fu-Chen; Tsai, Chia-Liang; Chang, Wen-Dien; More

Pediatric Physical Therapy. 27(4):328-335, Winter 2015.

Psychometric Properties of the Pediatric Balance Scale Using Rasch Analysis

Darr, Nancy; Franjoine, Mary Rose; Campbell, Suzann K.; More

Pediatric Physical Therapy. 27(4):337-348, Winter 2015.

Effect of Dynamic Elastomeric Fabric Orthoses on Postural Control in Children With Cerebral Palsy

Bahramizadeh, Mahmood; Rassafiani, Mehdi; Aminian, Gholamreza; More

Pediatric Physical Therapy. 27(4):349-354, Winter 2015.

Knowledge Translation of the Gross Motor Function Classification System Among Pediatric Physical Therapists

Deville, Caitlin; McEwen, Irene; Arnold, Sandra H.; More

Pediatric Physical Therapy. 27(4):376-384, Winter 2015.

Body Weight Support Treadmill Training for Children With Developmental Delay Who Are Ambulatory

Lowe, Leah; McMillan, Amy Gross; Yates, Charlotte

Pediatric Physical Therapy. 27(4):386-394, Winter 2015.

Spinal Stabilization Exercise Effectiveness for Low Back Pain in Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis: A Randomized Trial

Zapata, Karina Amani; Wang-Price, Sharon S.; Sucato, Daniel J.; More

Pediatric Physical Therapy. 27(4):396-402, Winter 2015.

Behavior During Tethered Kicking in Infants With Periventricular Brain Injury

Campbell, Suzann K.; Cole, Whitney; Boynewicz, Kara; More

Pediatric Physical Therapy. 27(4):403-412, Winter 2015.

Hand-Held Dynamometry Isometric Torque Reference Values for Children and Adolescents

Hébert, Luc J.; Maltais, Désirée B.; Lepage, Céline; More

Pediatric Physical Therapy. 27(4):414-423, Winter 2015.

Effect of an Ankle Foot Orthosis Intervention for Children With Non-Central Nervous System Cancers: A Pilot Study

Tanner, Lynn R.; Hooke, Mary C.; Hinshon, Scott; More

Pediatric Physical Therapy. 27(4):425-431, Winter 2015.

Real-World Performance: Physical Activity, Play, and Object-Related Behaviors of Toddlers With and Without Disabilities

Logan, Samuel W.; Schreiber, Melynda; Lobo, Michele; More

Pediatric Physical Therapy. 27(4):433-441, Winter 2015.

Experiential Learning With Children: An Essential Component of Professional Physical Therapy Education

Schreiber, Joseph; Moerchen, Victoria A.; Rapport, Mary Jane; More

Pediatric Physical Therapy. 27(4):356-367, Winter 2015.

Connecting Classroom, Clinic, and Context: Clinical Reasoning Strategies for Clinical Instructors and Academic Faculty

Furze, Jennifer; Kenyon, Lisa K.; Jensen, Gail M.

Pediatric Physical Therapy. 27(4):368-375, Winter 2015.

Management of Bilateral Complex Regional Pain Syndrome in a Pediatric Patient

Fisher-Pipher, Sarah; Kenyon, Lisa K.

Pediatric Physical Therapy. 27(4):443-451, Winter 2015.


Creator: Pediatric Physical Therapy
Duration: 27:14
Pediatric Physical Therapy Winter 2015, Volume 27, Issue 4;
Featured are brief remarks from retiring Editor, Ann Van Sant, and new Editor, Linda Fetters. Authors of 5 papers appearing in this issue are interviewed: Joseph Schreiber describes work on experiential learning in pediatrics for physical therapist students. Lauren Del Rossi presents her treatment of a girl with Antley-Bixler syndrome. Sam Logan comments on his study of play, physical activity and behavior of toddlers with and without disabilities. Karina Zapata introduces her study comparing 2 interventions for adolescents with scoliosis and back pain. Leah Lowe describes her success providing supported treadmill training for children with developmental disabilities who are ambulatory.