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Winter 2013 - Volume 25 - Issue 4
pp: 347-486

Physical Therapy Management of Congenital Muscular Torticollis: An Evidence-Based Clinical Practice GuidelineFROM THE SECTION ON PEDIATRICS OF THE AMERICAN PHYSICAL THERAPY ASSOCIATION

Kaplan, Sandra L.; Coulter, Colleen; Fetters, Linda

Pediatric Physical Therapy. 25(4):348-394, Winter 2013.

Sedentary Behavior: Implications for Children With Cerebral Palsy

Innes, Jennifer; Darrah, Johanna

Pediatric Physical Therapy. 25(4):402-408, Winter 2013.

Diagnosis Dialog for Pediatric Physical Therapists: Hypotonia, Developmental Coordination Disorder, and Pediatric Obesity as Examples

Martin, Kathy S.; Westcott, Sarah; Wrotniak, Brian H.

Pediatric Physical Therapy. 25(4):431-443, Winter 2013.

Concurrent Validity of the TIMP and the Bayley III Scales at 6 Weeks Corrected Age

Campbell, Suzann K.; Zawacki, Laura; Rankin, Kristin M.; More

Pediatric Physical Therapy. 25(4):395-401, Winter 2013.

Anaerobic Performance in Children With Cerebral Palsy Compared to Children With Typical Development

Verschuren, Olaf; Maltais, Désirée B.; Douma-van Riet, Danielle; More

Pediatric Physical Therapy. 25(4):409-413, Winter 2013.

Physical Activity and Motor Function in Children and Adolescents With Neuromuscular Disorders

Holtebekk, M. Elizabeth; Berntsen, Sveinung; Rasmussen, Magnhild; More

Pediatric Physical Therapy. 25(4):415-420, Winter 2013.

Relationship Between Participation in Leisure Time Physical Activities and Aerobic Fitness in Children With DCD

Oudenampsen, Chantal; Holty, Lian; Stuive, Ilse; More

Pediatric Physical Therapy. 25(4):422-429, Winter 2013.

Motor Development of Infants With Univentricular Heart at the Ages of 16 and 52 Weeks

Rajantie, Irmeli; Laurila, Maarit; Pollari, Kirsi; More

Pediatric Physical Therapy. 25(4):444-450, Winter 2013.

Psychosocial Outcomes of Children and Adolescents With Early-Onset Spinal Cord Injury and Those With Spina Bifida

Flanagan, Ann; Kelly, Erin H.; Vogel, Lawrence C.

Pediatric Physical Therapy. 25(4):452-459, Winter 2013.

Functional Balance Assessment With Pediatric Balance Scale in Girls With Visual Impairment

Zylka, Justyna; Lach, Urszula; Rutkowska, Izabela

Pediatric Physical Therapy. 25(4):460-466, Winter 2013.

Low-Cost Virtual Reality Intervention Program for Children With Developmental Coordination Disorder: A Pilot Feasibility Study

Ashkenazi, Tal; Weiss, Patrice L.; Orian, Danielle; More

Pediatric Physical Therapy. 25(4):467-473, Winter 2013.