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Fall 2013 - Volume 25 - Issue 3
pp: 231-346

Systematic Review and Evidence-Based Clinical Recommendations for Dosing of Pediatric Supported Standing Programs

Paleg, Ginny S.; Smith, Beth A.; Glickman, Leslie B.

Pediatric Physical Therapy. 25(3):232-247, Fall 2013.

Effects of Passive Versus Dynamic Loading Interventions on Bone Health in Children Who Are Nonambulatory

Damcott, Megan; Blochlinger, Sheila; Foulds, Richard

Pediatric Physical Therapy. 25(3):248-255, Fall 2013.

A Longitudinal Evaluation of Maturational Effects on Lower Extremity Strength in Female Adolescent Athletes

Quatman-Yates, Catherine C.; Myer, Gregory D.; Ford, Kevin R.; More

Pediatric Physical Therapy. 25(3):271-276, Fall 2013.

Muscle Activation Patterns in Infants With Myelomeningocele Stepping on a Treadmill

Sansom, Jennifer K.; Teulier, Caroline; Smith, Beth A.; More

Pediatric Physical Therapy. 25(3):278-289, Fall 2013.

Comparison of Measures of Physical Performance Among Young Children Who Are Healthy Weight, Overweight, or Obese

Pathare, Neeti; Haskvitz, Esther M.; Selleck, Marjane

Pediatric Physical Therapy. 25(3):291-296, Fall 2013.

Factors Affecting Parental Adherence to an Intervention Program for Congenital Torticollis

Rabino, Sheri Rarback; Peretz, Shirley Rokach; Kastel-Deutch, Tsophie; More

Pediatric Physical Therapy. 25(3):298-303, Fall 2013.

Perceived Effectiveness and Barriers to Physical Therapy Services for Families and Children With Friedreich Ataxia

Maring, Joyce; Croarkin, Earllaine; Morgan, Sylvia; More

Pediatric Physical Therapy. 25(3):305-313, Fall 2013.

Differences in Function Among Children With Sensory Processing Disorders, Physical Disabilities, and Typical Development

Armstrong, Dayle C.; Redman-Bentley, Donna; Wardell, Mary

Pediatric Physical Therapy. 25(3):315-321, Fall 2013.

The Use of Video Clips in Teleconsultation for Preschool Children With Movement Disorders

Gorter, Hetty; Lucas, Cees; Groothuis-Oudshoorn, Karin; More

Pediatric Physical Therapy. 25(3):323-329, Fall 2013.

Developing Evidence-Based Physical Therapy Clinical Practice Guidelines

Kaplan, Sandra L.; Coulter, Colleen; Fetters, Linda

Pediatric Physical Therapy. 25(3):257-270, Fall 2013.

Forefoot Mobility in Ankle and Foot Orthoses: Effect on Gait of Children With Cerebral Palsy

Carmick, Judy

Pediatric Physical Therapy. 25(3):331-337, Fall 2013.