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Summer 2012 - Volume 24 - Issue 2
pp: 129-215

Effects of Power Wheelchairs on the Development and Function of Young Children With Severe Motor Impairments

Jones, Maria A.; McEwen, Irene R.; Neas, Barbara R.

Pediatric Physical Therapy. 24(2):131-140, Summer 2012.

Bone Health in Children and Adolescents With Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis and the Influence of Short-term Physical Exercise

Sandstedt, Eva; Fasth, Anders; Fors, Hans; More

Pediatric Physical Therapy. 24(2):155-161, Summer 2012.

Concurrent Validity and Reliability of the Pediatric Evaluation of Disability Inventory-Computer Adaptive Test Mobility Domain

Dumas, Helene M.; Fragala-Pinkham, Maria A.

Pediatric Physical Therapy. 24(2):171-176, Summer 2012.

The Relationship Between Spasticity and Muscle Volume of the Knee Extensors in Children With Cerebral Palsy

Pierce, Samuel R.; Prosser, Laura A.; Lee, Samuel C. K.; More

Pediatric Physical Therapy. 24(2):177-181, Summer 2012.

Clinical Instructors' Perspectives: What Should We Be Teaching in Pediatrics?

Kenyon, Lisa K.; Tovin, Melissa M.; Hellman, Madeleine

Pediatric Physical Therapy. 24(2):183-191, Summer 2012.

Comparison of Motor and Cognitive Performance in Infants During the First Year of Life

Campos, Denise; Gonçalves, Vanda Maria G.; Guerreiro, Marilisa M.; More

Pediatric Physical Therapy. 24(2):193-197, Summer 2012.

Short-term, Early Intensive Power Mobility Training: Case Report of an Infant at Risk for Cerebral Palsy

Ragonesi, Christina B.; Galloway, James Cole

Pediatric Physical Therapy. 24(2):141-148, Summer 2012.

Effects of a Plyometric Training Program for 3 Children With Neurofibromatosis Type 1

Johnson, Barbara A.; Salzberg, Charles L.; Stevenson, David A.

Pediatric Physical Therapy. 24(2):199-208, Summer 2012.

Modified Ride-on Toy Cars for Early Power Mobility: A Technical Report

Huang, Hsiang-Han; Galloway, James C.

Pediatric Physical Therapy. 24(2):149-154, Summer 2012.

The Pediatric Physical Therapist's Role in Promoting and Measuring Participation in Children With Disabilities

Carey, Helen; Long, Toby

Pediatric Physical Therapy. 24(2):163-170, Summer 2012.