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Spring 2007 - Volume 19 - Issue 1
pp: 1-105

Endurance and Gait in Children With Cerebral Palsy After Intensive Body Weight-Supported Treadmill Training

Provost, Beth; Dieruf, Kathy; Burtner, Patricia A.; More

Pediatric Physical Therapy. 19(1):2-10, Spring 2007.

Effects of Traditional Treatment and Partial Body Weight Treadmill Training on the Motor Skills of Children With Spastic Cerebral Palsy: A Pilot Study

Begnoche, Denise M.; Pitetti, Ken H.

Pediatric Physical Therapy. 19(1):11-19, Spring 2007.

Methods to Improve the Reliability of the Functional Reach Test in Children and Adolescents With Typical Development

Volkman, Kathleen Gerri; Stergiou, Nicholas; Stuberg, Wayne; More

Pediatric Physical Therapy. 19(1):20-27, Spring 2007.

Discriminating Infants From Different Developmental Outcome Groups Using the Test of Infant Motor Performance (TIMP) Item Responses

Barbosa, Vanessa Maziero; Campbell, Suzann K.; Berbaum, Michael

Pediatric Physical Therapy. 19(1):28-39, Spring 2007.

Effects of Handling Procedures on Pain Responses of Very Low Birth Weight Infants

Cameron, Emma Catherine; Raingangar, Veena; Khoori, Nawal

Pediatric Physical Therapy. 19(1):40-47, Spring 2007.

The Effects of Prone Positioning on the Quality and Acquisition of Developmental Milestones in Four-Month-Old Infants

Dudek-Shriber, Linda; Zelazny, Susan

Pediatric Physical Therapy. 19(1):48-55, Spring 2007.

Is Maternal Education Related to Infant Motor Development?

Ravenscroft, Eleanor F.; Harris, Susan R.

Pediatric Physical Therapy. 19(1):56-61, Spring 2007.

Effectiveness of Static Weight-Bearing Exercises in Children with Cerebral Palsy

Pin, Tamis Wai-mun

Pediatric Physical Therapy. 19(1):62-73, Spring 2007.


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