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Beyond the Read

  • Updated:   9/20/2023
  • Contains:  18 items
Pediatric Physical Therapy: Beyond the Read is a series of text-based courses presented through APTA’s Learning Center based on an article in Pediatric Physical Therapy.

Clinical Practice Guidelines

  • Updated:   3/25/2022
  • Contains:  2 items
The APTA Academy of Pediatric Physical Therapy has supported 2 Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPGs) included in this Collection. Only CPGs from the last 5 years will be included as all CPGs should be revised at least every 5 years.

CSM Poster and Platform Abstracts

  • Updated:   3/25/2022
  • Contains:  16 items

International Focus

  • Updated:   3/31/2022
  • Contains:  3 items

Systematic Reviews

  • Updated:   3/6/2023
  • Contains:  14 items


  • Updated:   3/6/2023
  • Contains:  5 items
These articles have been published since 2020 when the COVID pandemic began and Telehealth experienced a growth in use in pediatric physical therapy.