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New Kid-Friendly Exercise Device Adds Fun Element to Therapy—KIDS THERAPY MACHINE Appealing to Younger Set for Daily Exercise

Pediatric Physical Therapy: October 2001 - Volume 13 - Issue 3 - p 153
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New Kid-Friendly Exercise Device Adds Fun Element to Therapy—KIDS THERAPY MACHINE Appealing to Younger Set for Daily Exercise

It is hard enough to get adults to keep to their exercise routines, but when children with lower limb disabilities need to exercise to improve and maintain muscle tone and flexibility, it can be even harder. Standard exercise equipment may not be suited to smaller frames and the clinical-looking machines are not especially appealing to youngsters.

Now, a new kid-friendly version of an adult exercise device helps children look forward to their therapy sessions. Similar to a kid’s toy car with pedals but with many lower limb exercise choices added, the KIDS THERAPY MACHINE is designed specifically to accommodate the needs of children two to eight years. The kid’s version is a self-contained unit with the motorized Therapy Machine device inside a fire-engine red mock car, complete with steering wheel. Because the children find the KIDS THERAPY MACHINE fun to use, they readily accept the whole-leg exercise it provides, with less wear and tear on their health care professionals and caregivers, and it is of great benefit to the children by encouraging lower limb muscle growth, strength, and flexibility.

Therapeutic exercise of the lower limbs for children with cerebral palsy, spinal cord damage, birth defects, juvenile diabetes, and muscular dystrophy has long been known to be beneficial in improving and maintaining muscular and circulatory functions, flexibility, and overall body health.

To counteract the effects of these conditions on the legs, the KIDS THERAPY MACHINE’s motorized pedal-type device adjusts to children’s different capability levels. Kids can start off with a motor-assist in the passive mode, and as strength, range of motion, and flexibility increase, can switch to an active mode to continue progress. The unit includes a six-inch crankshaft turning circle for little limbs’ easy reach.

Equipped with a hand-held remote that controls the speed, timing of workout, choice of active or passive mode, forward or reverse, and start/stop, including emergency stop functions, KIDS THERAPY MACHINE includes built-in spasm resistance sensors, which stop the machine for sudden spasms and automatically “soft starts” when the spasm passes. Support boots position the legs properly, which avoids the knees bumping together.

Designed and manufactured by PDLX Company, Inc., Shelton, Washington, the KIDS THERAPY MACHINE unit is $1495 for home or clinic use with financing and leasing options. For more information, including the personal experience of users, visit: or call 1-800-314-4851 for ordering assistance.


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