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A New Year!

Fetters, Linda

Pediatric Physical Therapy: January 2019 - Volume 31 - Issue 1 - p 1
doi: 10.1097/PEP.0000000000000578

Editor-in-Chief, Freeport, Maine

We have an exciting and “packed” first issue for the new year. The 3 systematic reviews on various topics are excellent examples of literature that gives us the “state of the research” for exercise for juvenile idiopathic arthritis (Klepper and colleagues), the importance of the processes used to develop tests that physical therapists commonly use (Verbecque and colleagues), and physical activity levels of children with Down syndrome (Fox and colleagues). These evidence-based summaries assist in clinical decisions and in defining what are next steps in the research processes for these topics. Systematic reviews often highlight the dearth of research on a topic and that should be a “call to act” for all of us. Anderson and colleagues first attempted to conduct a systematic review of pediatric physical therapy education, but because of the limited quality evidence on this topic, chose to write a scoping review. Scoping reviews differ from systematic reviews in scope of the question and process used to interpret the published literature. Scoping reviews rely more on what is referred to as “charting” the data rather than the systematic appraisal of reviewed evidence. Through their review, Anderson and colleagues have given us the charge to conduct higher quality and more extensive research and their insights on the topic of best practices for educating physical therapists to work with children.

A special thanks to Charlotte Yates and committee for reviewing and organizing the platform and poster presentations and abstracts for the Combined Sections Meeting (CSM) in Washington, DC, January 23-26, 2019. CSM is earlier than usual this year and Dr. Yates and colleagues provided the abstracts for this issue in order to provide us review time before the meeting. Many thanks!

Please take a moment to read the memorial piece about our colleague and friend, Jeanne Fischer, written by her friend and colleague, Susan Harris. Jeanne Fischer was a foundation for pediatric physical therapy. Her contributions and her spirit are a part of the fabric of the pediatric physical therapy community.

I deeply hope that this year brings expanded health care and wellness coverage for children, families, and everyone and we pursue a healthy future. High quality evidence will continue to assist us in providing the best care possible.

Happy New Year!

Linda Fetters


Freeport, Maine

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