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Change and Continuity

Fetters, Linda

Pediatric Physical Therapy: January 2017 - Volume 29 - Issue 1 - p 1
doi: 10.1097/PEP.0000000000000356

Editor-in-Chief, Los Angeles, California

If you are reading this editorial, you opened the first issue of 2017. Most likely, you noticed the new design of the cover of Pediatric Physical Therapy. Each issue will feature a photograph from one of the articles from the issue. I hope this gives you, the reader, another reason to be connected to the journal. In addition to promoting a personal connection with the research, clinical practice and opinions in the journal, we continue to provide all aspects of evidence for evidence-based practice. In this issue we have 12 research articles, 1 case report, a perspective from experts on the use of technology for rehabilitation, opinions and counter-opinions, and parents comments expressed through the Clinical Bottom Lines that accompany each research article. We continue to respect each aspect of evidence-based practice: research, clinical expertise, and parents' and patients' values and expectations.

The daily lives of our patients and families continue to be a focus of our research and treatment. This is demonstrated in many of the research studies published in this issue. These studies emphasize the importance of daily activity in promoting function, fun, and family inclusion. Physical therapists, in collaboration with patients and families, need to promote activity and model activity promotion through our own exercise and fitness regimes. Yes, I said it! We need to be role models of the importance of exercise in all of our lives.

This issue also includes opinions in the form of a perspective by Janssen and colleagues on the use of technology for rehabilitation and from Hielkema and colleagues with suggestions for the Gross Motor Function Classification System (GMFCS). Dr. Robert Palisano, one of originators of the GMFCS replied to the suggestions. Letters to the Editor and expressions of opinion are welcome submissions to Pediatric Physical Therapy, as they always have been. Please contribute to our growth and development as an evidence-based profession.

Linda Fetters


Los Angeles, California

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