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Rine Rose Marie PhD PT; Lindeblad, Susan MS, PT; Donovan, Patricia MS; Vergara, Kathleen MS; Gostin, Joseph MSPT; Mattson, Kristi MSPT
Pediatric Physical Therapy: Summer 1996
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The purpose of this study was to compare the static and dynamic balance, motor abilities, and postrotatory nystagmus (PRNT) test results of four- to five-year-old children with sensorineural hearing impairment (SNHI) to those of typically developing peers. Seven children with SNHI and six typically developing peers comprised the experimental and control groups, respectively. Static balance was measured as duration of single-leg stance with eyes open and eyes closed. Kinematic analysis of responses during tilt board perturbation with eyes open and eyes closed comprised testing of dynamic balance. Motor abilities were defined by performance on the Learning Accomplishment Profile Gross Motor Subscale. The data indicate that a majority of children with SNHI present with aberrant PRNT results, delayed maturation of equilibrium reactions, and age-appropriate performance in a general developmental screening test. Implications for clinicians working with preschool-aged children with SNHI are discussed, as are directions for future research.

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