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November/December 2022 - Volume 42 - Issue 10

  • Robert N. Hensinger, MD
    George H. Thompson, MD
  • 0271-6798
  • 1539-2570
  • 10 issues / year
  • Orthopedics 45/86, Pediatrics 71/130
  • 2.537

Current Issue Highlights

Limited Hip Flexion and Internal Rotation Resulting From Early Hip Impingement Conflict on Anterior Metaphysis of Patients With Untreated Severe SCFE Using 3D Modelling

Lerch, Till D.; Kim, Young-Jo; Kiapour, Ata M.; More

Journal of Pediatric Orthopaedics. 42(10):e963-e970, November/December 2022.

Curve Characteristics and Surgical Outcomes in Scoliosis Associated With Childhood Sternotomy or Thoracotomy

Langner, Joanna L.; Ezeonu, Teeto; Shafau, Abdul-Lateef; More

Journal of Pediatric Orthopaedics. 42(10):558-563, November/December 2022.