December 2021 - Volume 37 - Issue 12 : Pediatric Emergency Care

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December 2021 - Volume 37 - Issue 12
pp: 589-636,e780-e1767

Assessing the Impact of 3% Hypertonic Saline Hyperosmolar Therapy on Intubated Children With Isolated Traumatic Brain Injury by Cerebral Oximetry in a Pediatric Emergency Setting

Washer, Leigh-Ann; Abramo, Thomas; Hardgrave, Hailey; More

Pediatric Emergency Care. 37(12):e791-e804, December 2021.

Screening Laboratory Testing in Asymptomatic Minor Pediatric Blunt Trauma Leads to Unnecessary Needle Sticks

Badru, Faidah; Osei, Hector; Munoz-Abraham, Armando Salim; More

Pediatric Emergency Care. 37(12):e821-e824, December 2021.

The Burden of Burnout Syndrome in Pediatric Intensive Care Unit and Pediatric Emergency Department: A Multicenter Evaluation

Yazıcı, Mutlu Uysal; Teksam, Ozlem; Agın, Hasan; More

Pediatric Emergency Care. 37(12):e955-e961, December 2021.

Factors Associated With Antibiotic Prescribing and Outcomes for Pediatric Pneumonia in the Emergency Department

Lipshaw, Matthew J.; Florin, Todd A.; Krueger, Sara; More

Pediatric Emergency Care. 37(12):e1033-e1038, December 2021.

What Do Saudi Children Ingest?: A 10-Year Retrospective Analysis of Ingested Foreign Bodies From a Tertiary Care Center

Ibrahim, Ahmed H.; Andijani, Abdurahman; Abdulshakour, Muhammed; More

Pediatric Emergency Care. 37(12):e1044-e1050, December 2021.

Fast Brain Magnetic Resonance Imaging With Half-Fourier Acquisition With Single-Shot Turbo Spin Echo Sequence in Detection of Intracranial Hemorrhage and Skull Fracture in General Pediatric Patients: Preliminary Results

Kabakus, Ismail Mikdat; Spampinato, Maria Vittoria; Knipfing, Michael; More

Pediatric Emergency Care. 37(12):e1168-e1172, December 2021.

Simulation and Active Learning Decreases Training Time of an Emergency Triage Assessment and Treatment Course in Pilot Study in Malawi: Implications for Increasing Efficiency and Workforce Capacity in Low-Resource Settings

Sigalet, Elaine L.; Lufesi, Norman; Dubrowski, Adam; More

Pediatric Emergency Care. 37(12):e1259-e1264, December 2021.