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Analgesic Efficacy of Intranasal Ketamine Versus Intranasal Fentanyl for Moderate to Severe Pain in Children: A Prospective, Randomized, Double-Blind Study

Quinn, Kellie; Kriss, Sabina; Drapkin, Jefferson; More

Pediatric Emergency Care. 37(5):250-254, May 2021.

Change in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Performance Over Time During Simulated Pediatric Cardiac Arrest and the Effect of Just-in-Time Training and Feedback

Duff, Jonathan P.; Bhanji, Farhan; Lin, Yiqun; More

Pediatric Emergency Care. 37(3):133-137, March 2021.

Adverse Drug Event–Related Admissions to a Pediatric Emergency Unit

Carvalho, Indira Valadê; de Sousa, Vanessa Marcilio; Visacri, Marília Berlofa; More

Pediatric Emergency Care. 37(4):e152-e158, April 2021.

Test Characteristics of Cerebrospinal Fluid Gram Stain to Identify Bacterial Meningitis in Infants Younger Than 60 Days

Balamuth, Fran; Cruz, Andrea T.; Freedman, Stephen B.; More

Pediatric Emergency Care. 37(5):e227-e229, May 2021.

Radiographic Pneumonia in Febrile Infants 60 Days and Younger

Florin, Todd A.; Ramilo, Octavio; Hoyle, John D. Jr; More

Pediatric Emergency Care. 37(5):e221-e226, May 2021.

Prognostic Factors of Children Admitted to a Pediatric Intensive Care Unit After an Episode of Drowning

Salas Ballestín, Alberto; de Carlos Vicente, Juan Carlos; Frontera Juan, Guillem; More

Pediatric Emergency Care. 37(4):e192-e195, April 2021.