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October 2016 - Volume 17 - Issue 10
pp: 907-1022,e437-e486

A Simple and Robust Bedside Model for Mortality Risk in Pediatric Patients With Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome*

Spicer, Aaron C.; Calfee, Carolyn S.; Zinter, Matthew S.; More

Pediatric Critical Care Medicine. 17(10):907-916, October 2016.

Pharmacodynamics and Pharmacokinetics of Morphine After Cardiac Surgery in Children With and Without Down Syndrome

Valkenburg, Abraham J.; Calvier, Elisa A. M.; van Dijk, Monique; More

Pediatric Critical Care Medicine. 17(10):930-938, October 2016.

Utilizing a Collaborative Learning Model to Promote Early Extubation Following Infant Heart Surgery*

Mahle, William T.; Nicolson, Susan C.; Hollenbeck-Pringle, Danielle; More

Pediatric Critical Care Medicine. 17(10):939-947, October 2016.

Inotropic Therapy in Newborns, A Population-Based National Registry Study*

Burns, Margrete Larsen; Stensvold, Hans Jørgen; Risnes, Kari; More

Pediatric Critical Care Medicine. 17(10):948-956, October 2016.

Translating Neurodevelopmental Care Policies Into Practice: The Experience of Neonatal ICUs in France—The EPIPAGE-2 Cohort Study

Pierrat, Veronique; Coquelin, Anaëlle; Cuttini, Marina; More

Pediatric Critical Care Medicine. 17(10):957-967, October 2016.

Refractory Status Epilepticus in Children: Intention to Treat With Continuous Infusions of Midazolam and Pentobarbital*

Tasker, Robert C.; Goodkin, Howard P.; Sánchez Fernández, Iván; More

Pediatric Critical Care Medicine. 17(10):968-975, October 2016.

Outcome Comparison in Children Undergoing Extracorporeal Life Support Initiated at a Local Hospital by a Mobile Cardiorespiratory Assistance Unit or at a Referral Center*

d’Aranda, Erwan; Pastene, Bruno; Ughetto, Fabrice; More

Pediatric Critical Care Medicine. 17(10):992-997, October 2016.

The authors reply

Müller Dittrich, Maria Helena; Brunow de Carvalho, Werther; Lopes Lavado, Edson

Pediatric Critical Care Medicine. 17(10):1019-1020, October 2016.