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Implementation of a medical emergency team in a large pediatric teaching hospital prevents respiratory and cardiopulmonary arrests outside the intensive care unit*

Brilli, Richard J.; Gibson, Rosemary; Luria, Joseph W.; More

Pediatric Critical Care Medicine. 8(3):236-246, May 2007.

Multicenter cohort study of in-hospital pediatric cardiac arrest*

Meert, Kathleen L.; Donaldson, Amy; Nadkarni, Vinay; More

Pediatric Critical Care Medicine. 10(5):544-553, September 2009.

Single-institution experience with interhospital extracorporeal membrane oxygenation transport: A descriptive study*

Clement, Katherine C.; Fiser, Richard T.; Fiser, William P.; More

Pediatric Critical Care Medicine. 11(4):509-513, July 2010.

Parents’ perspectives on physician-parent communication near the time of a child’s death in the pediatric intensive care unit*

Meert, Kathleen L.; Eggly, Susan; Pollack, Murray; More

Pediatric Critical Care Medicine. 9(1):2-7, January 2008.

Acute lung injury in children: Therapeutic practice and feasibility of international clinical trials*

Santschi, Miriam; Jouvet, Philippe; Leclerc, Francis; More

Pediatric Critical Care Medicine. 11(6):681-689, November 2010.

A prospective, randomized, controlled trial of noninvasive ventilation in pediatric acute respiratory failure*

Yañez, Leticia J.; Yunge, Mauricio; Emilfork, Marcos; More

Pediatric Critical Care Medicine. 9(5):484-489, September 2008.