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May 2022 - Volume 23 - Issue 5

  • Robert C. Tasker, MBBS, MD, FRCP
  • 1529-7535
  • 1947-3893
  • 12 issues / year
  • 14/36 in Critical Care Medicine; 20/128 in Pediatrics
  • 3.624

Current Issue Highlights

Opioid Weaning Protocol Using Morphine Compared With Nonprotocolized Methadone Associated With Decreased Dose and Duration of Opioid After Norwood Procedure

Achuff, Barbara-Jo; Lemming, Katherine; Causey, Jamie C.; More

Pediatric Critical Care Medicine. 23(5):361-370, May 2022.

Clinical Features Associated With Need for Mechanical Ventilation in Children With Guillain-Barré Syndrome: Retrospective Cohort From India

Randhawa, Manjinder Singh; Iyer, Rajalakshmi; Bansal, Arun; More

Pediatric Critical Care Medicine. 23(5):378-382, May 2022.

Real-Time Ultrasound Guidance for Umbilical Venous Cannulation in Neonates With Congenital Heart Disease

Kozyak, Benjamin W.; Fraga, María V.; Juliano, Courtney E.; More

Pediatric Critical Care Medicine. 23(5):e257-e266, May 2022.