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Kurtuncu, M.1; Tanr, .2?

Pediatric Critical Care Medicine: May 2014 - Volume 15 - Issue 4_suppl - p 190
doi: 10.1097/01.pcc.0000449581.78822.29
Abstracts of the 7th World Congress on Pediatric Critical Care

1Pediatric Nursing, Bülent Ecevit University Zonguldak School of Nursing, Zonguldak, Turkey 2Emergency, TEV Sultanbeyli State Hospital, Istanbul, Turkey

Background and aims: Child abuse and neglect, is the extent to which society is not well known, most of the times that are hidden, many more victims does not mention in a public health problem. World Health Organization, children's health, adversely affect the physical or psychosocial development, an adult, knowingly or unknowingly, in the community or by the government accepts all the same behavior as child abuse. Abused and neglected child reaches very few therapeutic institutions. Generally, the cases remain hidden in the family. If the situation was brought in the emergency department is often heavy, life-threatening complications.

Aims: Do not come to mind as long as the possibility of child neglect and abuse are not recognized pediatric emergency room. Timely medical diagnosis of child abuse and neglect through detailed history and physical examination is of paramount importance to prevent further abuse and establish supportive services to the families.

Methods: In this study, the pediatric emergency department of a public hospital in Istanbul, we present four cases in this paper, two of which had a fatal outcome.

Results: These cases presenting with previous chronic abuse indicate that there is great need for education to increase public and multidisciplinary professional awareness of child abuse.

Conclusions: Another observation is that legislation on interdisciplinary community collaboration and professional in-service training is very important in the recognition, proper management, and prevention of child abuse and neglect. We hope the presentation of these cases will help the medical community revisit their responsibility in recognizing and preventing child abuse.

Keywords: Child, doctor, nurse, abuse, neglect, pediatric emergency

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