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Piva, J.1; Carvalho, P.R.1; Trotta, E.A.1; Hermann, K.C.1; Rezende, R.S.1; Franke, C.1; Andreolio, C.1; Sibenberg, R.1; Behar, M.1

Pediatric Critical Care Medicine: May 2014 - Volume 15 - Issue 4_suppl - p 46
doi: 10.1097/01.pcc.0000448915.31907.f9
Abstracts of the 7th World Congress on Pediatric Critical Care

1Pediatric emergency and Intensive Care Department, Hospital de Clínicas de Porto Alegre, Porto Alegre, Brazil

Background and aims: Nowadays, children continue to die because of scarcity of available organs for transplants. Policies to increase the notification of brain death (BD) impact positively the process of organ donation for transplantations in pediatric patients.

Aims: To describe the evolution of BD diagnosis and organ donation experience in a reference general hospital PICU in an interval of 6 years.

Methods: Were selected for a retrospective study the medical records of children (<18years) admitted in a referral Brazilian PICU between 2007 and 2012 that had confirmed the diagnosis of BD. Demographic data, cause of death, organ donation, cause for not donation.

The local Ethical and Research committee approved the study.

Results: BD represented 12% (34/238) of all deaths in the period, with median age of 30 months (IQR 12 – 84), 67% males. The main etiology of BD was acute neurosurgical lesion (47%). Only 50% of the deceased patients were medically suitable for organ donation. Oncological and infectious diseases were the main contra-indications to organ donation. Familiar consent to organ donation occurred in six (35%) of the 17 suitable cases. After consent was granted, organs were procured from all six donors, for an average of 2.8 organs transplanted per donor.

Conclusions: Even in a referral hospital for transplants it is observed a high refusal rate for organ donation. Based on these results new local policies were implemented (2013) aiming to increment the local rate of organ donation.

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