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Impact of montelukast as add on treatment to the novel coronavirus pneumonia (COVID-19): protocol for an investigator-initiated open labeled randomized controlled pragmatic trial

Tavares, Margarida; Farraia, Mariana; Silva, Susana; More

Porto Biomedical Journal. 6(2):e134, March-April 2021.

Diagnosis, treatment, and work impact of iron deficiency anemia in a Portuguese urban community

Norton, Pedro; Araújo, Natália; Pinho, Paulo; More

Porto Biomedical Journal. 5(4):e064, July/August 2020.

Urinary tract infection in patients with spinal cord injury after urodynamics under fosfomycin prophylaxis: a retrospective analysis

Amaral, Daniela M.; Pereira, Ana Margarida V. C.; Rodrigues, Margarida R.; More

Porto Biomedical Journal. 4(6):e56, November-December 2019.

Prevalence and risk factors of sonographically detected non alcoholic fatty liver disease in a screening centre in Klang Valley, Malaysia: an observational cross-sectional study

Khammas, Abdul Sattar Arif; Hassan, Hasyma Abu; Salih, Sarah Qahtan M.; More

Porto Biomedical Journal. 4(2):e31, March-April 2019.

The effect of inspiratory muscle training on swimming performance, inspiratory muscle strength, lung function, and perceived breathlessness in elite swimmers: a randomized controlled trial

Cunha, Marisa; Mendes, Francisca; Paciência, Inês; More

Porto Biomedical Journal. 4(6):e49, November-December 2019.

The utility of prolactin serial sampling and the best prolactin cut-offs associated with persistent hyperprolactinemia

Cidade-Rodrigues, Catarina; Cunha, Filipe M.; Chaves, Catarina; More

Porto Biomedical Journal. 6(2):e133, March-April 2021.

Spectrum of hemoglobin disorders in southern Odisha, India: a hospital based study

Sahu, Pramita; Purohit, Prasanta; Mantri, Santwana; More

Porto Biomedical Journal. 6(1):e126, January/February 2021.

Socioeconomic, behavioural and sexual-health factors associated with nutritional status of female commercial sex workers in Dhaka city, Bangladesh: a cross-sectional study

Kawser, Mahbuba; Khan, Muhammad Nazrul Islam; Hossain, Kazi Jahangir; More

Porto Biomedical Journal. 5(6):e091, November/December 2020.