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Implementation of an infection control program with emphasis on cohorting to patients with carbapenemase-producing Enterobacteriaceae. The experience of 2 years in a tertiary teaching hospital in northern Portugal

Vigário, Ana; Gonçalves, João A.; Costa, Ana R.; More

Porto Biomedical Journal. 5(3):e68, May/June 2020.

Urinary tract infection in patients with spinal cord injury after urodynamics under fosfomycin prophylaxis: a retrospective analysis

Amaral, Daniela M.; Pereira, Ana Margarida V. C.; Rodrigues, Margarida R.; More

Porto Biomedical Journal. 4(6):e56, November-December 2019.

The effect of inspiratory muscle training on swimming performance, inspiratory muscle strength, lung function, and perceived breathlessness in elite swimmers: a randomized controlled trial

Cunha, Marisa; Mendes, Francisca; Paciência, Inês; More

Porto Biomedical Journal. 4(6):e49, November-December 2019.

Prevalence and risk factors of sonographically detected non alcoholic fatty liver disease in a screening centre in Klang Valley, Malaysia: an observational cross-sectional study

Khammas, Abdul Sattar Arif; Hassan, Hasyma Abu; Salih, Sarah Qahtan M.; More

Porto Biomedical Journal. 4(2):e31, March-April 2019.

Cultural adaptation and validation of the Portuguese End of Life Spiritual Comfort Questionnaire in Palliative Care patients

Pinto, Sara Maria Oliveira; Berenguer, Sílvia Maria Alves Caldeira; Martins, José Carlos Amado; More

Porto Biomedical Journal. 1(4):147-152, September-October 2016.

Ability of 2 estimation methods of body fat percentage in identifying unfavorable levels of cardiometabolic biomarkers in adolescents: Results from the LabMed study

Oliveira-Santos, José; Mota, Jorge; Moreira, Carla; More

Porto Biomedical Journal. 4(5):e52, September-October 2019.

Correlation between apparent diffusion coefficient values in breast magnetic resonance imaging and prognostic factors of breast invasive ductal carcinoma

Moutinho-Guilherme, Ricardo; Oyola, Janeth Hercilia; Sanz-Rosa, David; More

Porto Biomedical Journal. 4(1):e27, January-February 2019.