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Jones, Graham

Pathology - Journal of the RCPA: 2010 - Volume 42 - Issue - p S20
Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia Pathology Update 2010 Abstracts: Chemical Pathology

Department of Chemical Pathology, SydPath, St Vincent's Hospital, Sydney; Chair RCPA‐QAP Chemical Pathology Advisory Committee

The Chemical Pathology section of the Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia Quality Assurance Program (RCPA‐QAP) continues to grow in number of participants, number of programs and number of analytes. Developments also continue in data analysis. The new analytes which were introduced in 2009 included red cell folate (from haematology), whole blood HbA1c, plasma metanephrines and point of care testing for urine albumin/creatinine ratio. New analytes for 2010 include bile acids vitamin C and on‐site toxicology. Proposals for revision of the allowable limits of performance and calculations of standard deviation and coefficient of variation are also being prepared. These issues will be discussed in the session using the latest information available.

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