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The Enigma of Goblet Cell Tumors of the Appendix


doi: 10.1097/PCR.0000000000000335

In the May/June 2019 issue of AJSP: Reviews and Reports, in the article by Marie-Louise Velthuysen, Susanne van Eeden, and Norman Carr, “The Enigma of Goblet Cell Tumors of the Appendix,” the legend for Figure 3 should have read: “FIGURE 3. The differential diagnosis of goblet cell carcinoma of the appendix (original magnification × 100). (A) Colon-like adenocarcinoma. (B) Clear cell (balloon cell) NET. (C) Tubular NET. (D) Usual NET with focal acinar morphology.”

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van Velthuysen MLF, van Eeden S, Carr NJ. The enigma of goblet cell tumors of the appendix. AJSP: Reviews & Reports 2019;24(3):98–104.
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