2021 - Volume 6 - Issue 1 : PAIN Reports

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2021 - Volume 6 - Issue 1
pp: e899-e899

The ACTTION Guide to Clinical Trials of Pain Treatments, part II: mitigating bias, maximizing value

Dworkin, Robert H.; Kerns, Robert D.; McDermott, Michael P.; More

PAIN Reports. 6(1):e886, 2021.

Essential statistical principles of clinical trials of pain treatments

Dworkin, Robert H.; Evans, Scott R.; Mbowe, Omar; More

PAIN Reports. 6(1):e863, 2021.

Research design considerations for chronic pain prevention clinical trials: IMMPACT recommendations

Gewandter, Jennifer S.; Dworkin, Robert H.; Turk, Dennis C.; More

PAIN Reports. 6(1):e895, 2021.

Patient phenotyping in clinical trials of chronic pain treatments: IMMPACT recommendations

Edwards, Robert R.; Dworkin, Robert H.; Turk, Dennis C.; More

PAIN Reports. 6(1):e896, 2021.


Pain during and after coronavirus disease 2019: Chinese perspectives

Jiang, Feng; Yang, Wan-Li; Wang, Jia-Wei; More

PAIN Reports. 6(1):e931, 2021.

Patient-Led Research Collaborative: embedding patients in the Long COVID narrative

McCorkell, Lisa; S. Assaf, Gina; E. Davis, Hannah; More

PAIN Reports. 6(1):e913, 2021.

Telehealth and chronic pain management from rapid adaptation to long-term implementation in pain medicine: A narrative review

Perez, Jordi; Niburski, Kacper; Stoopler, Michelle; More

PAIN Reports. 6(1):e912, 2021.

Effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on chronic pain in Spain: a scoping review

Carrillo-de-la-Peña, María T.; González-Villar, Alberto; Triñanes, Yolanda

PAIN Reports. 6(1):e899, 2021.

A clinical primer for the expected and potential post-COVID-19 syndromes

Walitt, Brian; Bartrum, Elizabeth

PAIN Reports. 6(1):e887, 2021.

Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the pharmacological, physical, and psychological treatments of pain: findings from the Chronic Pain & COVID-19 Pan-Canadian Study

Lacasse, Anaïs; Pagé, M. Gabrielle; Dassieu, Lise; More

PAIN Reports. 6(1):e891, 2021.

Potential for increased prevalence of neuropathic pain after the COVID-19 pandemic

Attal, Nadine; Martinez, Valéria; Bouhassira, Didier

PAIN Reports. 6(1):e884, 2021.

Pain during and after COVID-19 in Germany and worldwide: a narrative review of current knowledge

Meyer-Frießem, Christine H.; Gierthmühlen, Janne; Baron, Ralf; More

PAIN Reports. 6(1):e893, 2021.

Neurobiology of SARS-CoV-2 interactions with the peripheral nervous system: implications for COVID-19 and pain

McFarland, Amelia J.; Yousuf, Muhammad S.; Shiers, Stephanie; More

PAIN Reports. 6(1):e885, 2021.

Autoimmune regulation of chronic pain

Lacagnina, Michael J.; Heijnen, Cobi J.; Watkins, Linda R.; More

PAIN Reports. 6(1):e905, 2021.

From the low-density lipoprotein receptor–related protein 1 to neuropathic pain: a potentially novel target

García-Fernández, Patricia; Üçeyler, Nurcan; Sommer, Claudia

PAIN Reports. 6(1):e898, 2021.

Reciprocal interactions between osteoclasts and nociceptive sensory neurons in bone cancer pain

Andriessen, Amanda S.; Donnelly, Christopher R.; Ji, Ru-Rong

PAIN Reports. 6(1):e867, 2021.

Contribution of colony-stimulating factor 1 to neuropathic pain

Yu, Xiaobing; Basbaum, Allan; Guan, Zhonghui

PAIN Reports. 6(1):e883, 2021.

Changes in blood–spinal cord barrier permeability and neuroimmune interactions in the underlying mechanisms of chronic pain

Montague-Cardoso, Karli; Malcangio, Marzia

PAIN Reports. 6(1):e879, 2021.

Neuroimmune interactions and osteoarthritis pain: focus on macrophages

Geraghty, Terese; Winter, Deborah R.; Miller, Richard J.; More

PAIN Reports. 6(1):e892, 2021.

Retrospective chart review of perioperative pain management of patients having surgery for closed ankle fractures using peripheral nerve blocks at a level one trauma center

Mateen, Sara; Gandhi, Vishal; Meyr, Andrew J.; More

PAIN Reports. 6(1):e900, 2021.

Confirmatory factor analysis of the International Pain Outcome questionnaire in surgery

Polanco-García, Mauricio; Granero, Roser; Gallart, Lluís; More

PAIN Reports. 6(1):e903, 2021.

Rat dorsal horn neurons primed by stress develop a long-lasting manifest sensitization after a short-lasting nociceptive low back input

Singaravelu, Sathish Kumar; Hoheisel, Ulrich; Mense, Siegfried; More

PAIN Reports. 6(1):e904, 2021.

Effects of inflammatory pain on CB1 receptor in the midbrain periaqueductal gray

Wilson-Poe, Adrianne R.; Wiese, Beth; Kibaly, Cherkaouia; More

PAIN Reports. 6(1):e897, 2021.

Increased substance P and synaptic remodeling occur in the trigeminal sensory system with sustained osteoarthritic temporomandibular joint sensitivity

Sperry, Megan M.; Granquist, Eric J.; Winkelstein, Beth A.

PAIN Reports. 6(1):e911, 2021.

Celiac plexus neurolysis for abdominal cancers: going beyond pancreatic cancer pain

Ambai, Vats T.; Singh, Vinita; Boorman, David W.; More

PAIN Reports. 6(1):e930, 2021.

Pain matters for central sensitization: sensory and psychological parameters in patients with fibromyalgia syndrome

Rehm, Stefanie; Sachau, Juliane; Hellriegel, Jana; More

PAIN Reports. 6(1):e901, 2021.

Momentary pain assessments reveal benefits of endoscopic discectomy: a prospective cohort study

Wakaizumi, Kenta; Wu, Binbin; Huang, Shishi; More

PAIN Reports. 6(1):e906, 2021.

Offset analgesia and onset hyperalgesia with different stimulus ranges

Fust, Jens; Lalouni, Maria; Vadenmark Lundqvist, Viktor; More

PAIN Reports. 6(1):e914, 2021.

Cohort study protocol to characterize the incidence and severity of neuropathic pain in patients with severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 infection

Odozor, Chioma U.; Roles, Kristen; Burk, Carrie; More

PAIN Reports. 6(1):e925, 2021.

A scoping review of chronic pain in emerging adults

Brown, Donnamay; Schenk, Sabrina; Genent, Dunja; More

PAIN Reports. 6(1):e920, 2021.

Preliminary evidence for conserved transcriptional response to adversity in adults with temporomandibular disorder

King, Christopher D.; Boggero, Ian A.; Schulert, Grant S.; More

PAIN Reports. 6(1):e874, 2021.

Orofacial pain in 1916 patients with early or moderate Parkinson disease

O'Neill, Francis; Kobylecki, Christopher; Carrasco, Roberto; More

PAIN Reports. 6(1):e923, 2021.

Association between psychosocial factors and mental health symptoms to cervical spine pain with or without radiculopathy on health outcomes: systematic review protocol

Mansfield, Michael; Spahr, Nicolas; Smith, Toby; More

PAIN Reports. 6(1):e870, 2021.

Conditioned pain modulation predicts persistent pain after knee replacement surgery

Dürsteler, Christian; Salazar, Yusmely; Rodriguez, Uxia; More

PAIN Reports. 6(1):e910, 2021.

Prognostic factors for pain chronicity in low back pain: a systematic review

Nieminen, Linda Karoliina; Pyysalo, Liisa Maria; Kankaanpää, Markku Juhani

PAIN Reports. 6(1):e919, 2021.

Prevalence of postamputation pain and its subtypes: a meta-analysis with meta-regression

Schwingler, Paul M.; Moman, Rajat N.; Hunt, Christy; More

PAIN Reports. 6(1):e918, 2021.

Prolonged time of after-sensation after experimental pain stimuli despite efficient conditioned pain modulation in patients with chronic neuropathic pain after traumatic nerve injuries in upper extremity

Miclescu, Adriana; Essemark, Marie; Astermark, Mathias; More

PAIN Reports. 6(1):e908, 2021.

Transient receptor potential vanilloid subtype 1 depletion mediates mechanical allodynia through cellular signal alterations in small-fiber neuropathy

Chang, Chin-Hong; Chang, Ying-Shuang; Hsieh, Yu-Lin

PAIN Reports. 6(1):e922, 2021.

Clinical updates on phantom limb pain

Erlenwein, Joachim; Diers, Martin; Ernst, Jennifer; More

PAIN Reports. 6(1):e888, 2021.

Cerebral hemodynamic response to a therapeutic bed for procedural pain management in preterm infants in the NICU: a randomized controlled trial

Ranger, Manon; Albert, Arianne; MacLean, Karon; More

PAIN Reports. 6(1):e890, 2021.

Sorting pain out of salience: assessment of pain facial expressions in the human fetus

Bernardes, Lisandra S.; Carvalho, Mariana A.; Harnik, Simone B.; More

PAIN Reports. 6(1):e882, 2021.

Understanding parents' use of a knowledge translation tool to manage children's vaccination pain

MacKenzie, Nicole E.; Tutelman, Perri R.; Chambers, Christine T.; More

PAIN Reports. 6(1):e907, 2021.

Circulating inflammatory biomarkers in adolescents: evidence of interactions between chronic pain and obesity

Hainsworth, Keri R.; Simpson, Pippa M.; Raff, Hershel; More

PAIN Reports. 6(1):e916, 2021.

The factor structure and subscale properties of the pain catastrophizing scale: are there differences in the distinctions?

Cook, Karon F.; Mackey, Sean; Jung, Corinne; More

PAIN Reports. 6(1):e909, 2021.

Randomized, wait-list–controlled pilot study of app-delivered mindfulness for patients reporting chronic pain

Mascaro, Jennifer S.; Singh, Vinita; Wehrmeyer, Kathryn; More

PAIN Reports. 6(1):1-e924, 2021.

No evidence that attentional bias towards pain-related words is associated with verbally induced nocebo hyperalgesia: a dot-probe study

Coleshill, Matthew James; Sharpe, Louise; Colagiuri, Ben

PAIN Reports. 6(1):e921, 2021.