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May/June 2019 - Volume 4 - Issue 3
pp: e741-e621

Cannabinoids, cannabis, and cannabis-based medicine for pain management: a protocol for an overview of systematic reviews and a systematic review of randomised controlled trials

Fisher, Emma; Eccleston, Christopher; Degenhardt, Louisa; More

PAIN Reports. 4(3):e741, May/June 2019.

Risks of harm with cannabinoids, cannabis, and cannabis-based medicine for pain management relevant to patients receiving pain treatment: protocol for an overview of systematic reviews

Gilron, Ian; Blyth, Fiona M.; Degenhardt, Louisa; More

PAIN Reports. 4(3):e742, May/June 2019.

Skilled reaching deterioration contralateral to cervical hemicontusion in rats is reversed by pregabalin treatment conditional upon its early administration

Erskine, Erin L.K.S.; Smaila, Brittney D.; Plunet, Ward; More

PAIN Reports. 4(3):e749, May/June 2019.

Resting blood pressure modulates chest pain intensity in patients with acute myocardial infarction

Granot, Michal; Dagul, Pnina; Aronson, Doron

PAIN Reports. 4(3):e714, May/June 2019.

Latin American Pain Federation position paper on appropriate opioid use in pain management

Garcia, João Batista Santos; Lopez, Maria Patricia Gomez; Barros, Guilherme Antonio Moreira; More

PAIN Reports. 4(3):e730, May/June 2019.

From Bench-to-Bedside and Beyond

How to prevent, minimize, or extinguish nocebo effects in pain: a narrative review on mechanisms, predictors, and interventions

Manaï, Meriem; van Middendorp, Henriët; Veldhuijzen, Dieuwke S.; More

PAIN Reports. 4(3):e699, May/June 2019.

Current methods and challenges for acute pain clinical trials

Gilron, Ian; Carr, Daniel B.; Desjardins, Paul J.; More

PAIN Reports. 4(3):e647, May/June 2019.

Opportunities and challenges for junior investigators conducting pain clinical trials

Adams, Meredith C.B.; Bicket, Mark C.; Murphy, Jamie D.; More

PAIN Reports. 4(3):e639, May/June 2019.

Checklist for the preparation and review of pain clinical trial publications: a pain-specific supplement to CONSORT

Gewandter, Jennifer S.; Eisenach, James C.; Gross, Robert A.; More

PAIN Reports. 4(3):e621, May/June 2019.