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January/February 2018 - Volume 3 - Issue 1
pp: e633-e635

Specific symptoms may discriminate between fibromyalgia patients with vs without objective test evidence of small-fiber polyneuropathy

Lodahl, Mette; Treister, Roi; Oaklander, Anne Louise

PAIN Reports. 3(1):e633, January/February 2018.

Sensory symptom profiles differ between trigeminal and thoracolumbar postherpetic neuralgia

Rehm, Stefanie; Großkopf, Moritz; Kabelitz, Maria; More

PAIN Reports. 3(1):e636, January/February 2018.

Discharge prescription patterns of opioid and nonopioid analgesics after common surgical procedures

Nooromid, Michael J.; Blay, Eddie Jr; Holl, Jane L.; More

PAIN Reports. 3(1):e637, January/February 2018.

The CGRP receptor antagonist BIBN4096 inhibits prolonged meningeal afferent activation evoked by brief local K+ stimulation but not cortical spreading depression-induced afferent sensitization

Zhao, Jun; Levy, Dan

PAIN Reports. 3(1):e632, January/February 2018.