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September/October 2017 - Volume 2 - Issue 5
pp: e615-e616

Pharmacoeconomics of genotyping-based treatment decisions in patients with chronic pain

Morlock, Robert; Braunstein, Glenn D.

PAIN Reports. 2(5):e615, September/October 2017.

Effect of bupivacaine lozenges on oral mucositis pain: a randomized controlled multicenter phase II study

Mogensen, Stine; Treldal, Charlotte; Kristensen, Claus A.; More

PAIN Reports. 2(5):e619, September/October 2017.

Mice with cancer-induced bone pain show a marked decline in day/night activity

Majuta, Lisa A.; Guedon, Jean-Marc G.; Mitchell, Stefanie A.T.; More

PAIN Reports. 2(5):e614, September/October 2017.

Pediatric chronic pain programs: current and ideal practice

Miró, Jordi; McGrath, Patrick J.; Finley, G. Allen; More

PAIN Reports. 2(5):e613, September/October 2017.

Gray matter alteration associated with pain catastrophizing in patients 6 months after lumbar disk surgery: a voxel-based morphometry study

Chehadi, Omar; Suchan, Boris; Konietzny, Kerstin; More

PAIN Reports. 2(5):e617, September/October 2017.

Co-occurrence of posttraumatic stress symptoms, pain, and disability 12 months after traumatic injury

Giummarra, Melita J.; Casey, Sara L.; Devlin, Anna; More

PAIN Reports. 2(5):e622, September/October 2017.

Regular physical activity prevents development of chronic muscle pain through modulation of supraspinal opioid and serotonergic mechanisms

Brito, Renan G.; Rasmussen, Lynn A.; Sluka, Kathleen A.

PAIN Reports. 2(5):e618, September/October 2017.