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May/June 2017 - Volume 2 - Issue 3
pp: e594-e599

Corticospinal excitability as a biomarker of myofascial pain syndrome

Thibaut, Aurore; Zeng, Dian; Caumo, Wolnei; More

PAIN Reports. 2(3):e594, May/June 2017.

Diagnostic confounders of chronic widespread pain: not always fibromyalgia

Häuser, Winfried; Perrot, Serge; Sommer, Claudia; More

PAIN Reports. 2(3):e598, May/June 2017.

Phonetic characteristics of vocalizations during pain

Lautenbacher, Stefan; Salinas-Ranneberg, Melissa; Niebuhr, Oliver; More

PAIN Reports. 2(3):e597, May/June 2017.

Reduced intraepidermal nerve fiber density after a sustained increase in insular glutamate: a proof-of-concept study examining the pathogenesis of small fiber pathology in fibromyalgia

Harte, Steven E.; Clauw, Daniel J.; Hayes, John M.; More

PAIN Reports. 2(3):e590, May/June 2017.

Effect of gastroretentive gabapentin (Gralise) on postmastectomy pain syndrome: a proof-of-principle open-label study

Belfer, Inna; Pollock, Netanya I.; Martin, Jodi L.; More

PAIN Reports. 2(3):e596, May/June 2017.

Efficient conditioned pain modulation despite pain persistence in painful diabetic neuropathy

Granovsky, Yelena; Nahman-Averbuch, Hadas; Khamaisi, Mogher; More

PAIN Reports. 2(3):e592, May/June 2017.

Accelerated aging in adults with knee osteoarthritis pain: consideration for frequency, intensity, time, and total pain sites

Sibille, Kimberly T.; Chen, Huaihou; Bartley, Emily J.; More

PAIN Reports. 2(3):e591, May/June 2017.

Women report higher pain intensity at a lower level of inflammation after knee surgery compared with men

Solheim, Nina; Östlund, Simon; Gordh, Torsten; More

PAIN Reports. 2(3):e595, May/June 2017.

Can training in empathetic validation improve medical students' communication with patients suffering pain? A test of concept

Linton, Steven J.; Flink, Ida K.; Nilsson, Emma; More

PAIN Reports. 2(3):e600, May/June 2017.

Methylphenidate attenuates the response to cold pain but not to aversive auditory stimuli in healthy human: a double-blind randomized controlled study

Pud, Dorit; Broitman, Eelena; Hameed, Omar; More

PAIN Reports. 2(3):e593, May/June 2017.

The opioid epidemic and national guidelines for opioid therapy for chronic noncancer pain: a perspective from different continents

Häuser, Winfried; Schug, Stephan; Furlan, Andrea D.

PAIN Reports. 2(3):e599, May/June 2017.