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Skilled reaching deterioration contralateral to cervical hemicontusion in rats is reversed by pregabalin treatment conditional upon its early administration

Erskine, Erin L.K.S.; Smaila, Brittney D.; Plunet, Ward; More

PAIN Reports. 4(3):e749, May/June 2019.

Sensory pain characteristics of vulvodynia and their association with nociceptive and neuropathic pain: an online survey pilot study

Schlaeger, Judith M.; Patil, Crystal L.; Steffen, Alana D.; More

PAIN Reports. 4(2):e713, March/April 2019.

Neuropathic pain drives anxiety behavior in mice, results consistent with anxiety levels in diabetic neuropathy patients

Sieberg, Christine B.; Taras, Caitlin; Gomaa, Aya; More

PAIN Reports. 3(3):e651, May/June 2018.

Reduced intraepidermal nerve fibre density, glial activation, and sensory changes in HIV type-1 Tat-expressing female mice: involvement of Tat during early stages of HIV-associated painful sensory neuropathy

Wodarski, Rachel; Bagdas, Deniz; Paris, Jason J.; More

PAIN Reports. 3(3):e654, May/June 2018.

Neuropathic pain in leprosy: symptom profile characterization and comparison with neuropathic pain of other etiologies

Raicher, Irina; Stump, Patrick Raymond Nicolas Andre Ghislain; Harnik, Simone Bega; More

PAIN Reports. 3(2):e638, March/April 2018.

Effect of the spider toxin Tx3-3 on spinal processing of sensory information in naive and neuropathic rats: an in vivo electrophysiological study

Dalmolin, Gerusa D.; Bannister, Kirsty; Gonçalves, Leonor; More

PAIN Reports. 2(4):e610, July/August 2017.

Corticospinal excitability as a biomarker of myofascial pain syndrome

Thibaut, Aurore; Zeng, Dian; Caumo, Wolnei; More

PAIN Reports. 2(3):e594, May/June 2017.

Effect of gastroretentive gabapentin (Gralise) on postmastectomy pain syndrome: a proof-of-principle open-label study

Belfer, Inna; Pollock, Netanya I.; Martin, Jodi L.; More

PAIN Reports. 2(3):e596, May/June 2017.

Efficient conditioned pain modulation despite pain persistence in painful diabetic neuropathy

Granovsky, Yelena; Nahman-Averbuch, Hadas; Khamaisi, Mogher; More

PAIN Reports. 2(3):e592, May/June 2017.

Methodology for self-report of rest pain (or spontaneous pain) vs evoked pain in chronic neuropathic conditions: a prospective observational pilot study

He, David; Grant, Brian; Holden, Ronald R.; More

PAIN Reports. 2(2):e587, March/April 2017.