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Spinal cord stimulation prevents paclitaxel-induced mechanical and cold hypersensitivity and modulates spinal gene expression in rats

Sivanesan, Eellan; Stephens, Kimberly E.; Huang, Qian; More

PAIN Reports. 4(5):e785, September/October 2019.

Performance of behavioral assays: the Rat Grimace Scale, burrowing activity and a composite behavior score to identify visceral pain in an acute and chronic colitis model

Leung, Vivian S.Y.; Benoit-Biancamano, Marie-Odile; Pang, Daniel S.J.

PAIN Reports. 4(2):e718, March/April 2019.

Analgesic effects of the cathepsin K inhibitor L-006235 in the monosodium iodoacetate model of osteoarthritis pain

Nwosu, Lilian N.; Gowler, Peter R.W.; Burston, James J.; More

PAIN Reports. 3(6):e685, November/December 2018.

Serum response factor mediates nociceptor inflammatory pain plasticity

Gomez, Ruben; Kohler, Dorothy M.; Brackley, Allison D.; More

PAIN Reports. 3(3):e658, May/June 2018.

Vagus nerve stimulation inhibits trigeminal nociception in a rodent model of episodic migraine

Hawkins, Jordan L.; Cornelison, Lauren E.; Blankenship, Brian A.; More

PAIN Reports. 2(6):e628, November/December 2017.

Regular physical activity prevents development of chronic muscle pain through modulation of supraspinal opioid and serotonergic mechanisms

Brito, Renan G.; Rasmussen, Lynn A.; Sluka, Kathleen A.

PAIN Reports. 2(5):e618, September/October 2017.

Rat model of cancer-induced bone pain: changes in nonnociceptive sensory neurons in vivo

Zhu, Yong Fang; Ungard, Robert; Zacal, Natalie; More

PAIN Reports. 2(4):e603, July/August 2017.

Reduced intraepidermal nerve fiber density after a sustained increase in insular glutamate: a proof-of-concept study examining the pathogenesis of small fiber pathology in fibromyalgia

Harte, Steven E.; Clauw, Daniel J.; Hayes, John M.; More

PAIN Reports. 2(3):e590, May/June 2017.

Identification of an epidermal keratinocyte AMPA glutamate receptor involved in dermatopathies associated with sensory abnormalities

Cabañero, David; Irie, Takeshi; Celorrio, Marta; More

PAIN Reports. 1(3):e573, september 2016.

The dark side of opioids in pain management: basic science explains clinical observation

Rivat, Cyril; Ballantyne, Jane

PAIN Reports. 1(2):e570, August 2016.