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Use of methadone as an alternative to morphine for chronic pain management: a noninferiority retrospective observational study

Moreira de Barros, Guilherme Antonio; Baradelli, Ricardo; Rodrigues, Debora Garcia; More

PAIN Reports. 6(4):e979, December 2021.

Central sensitization in opioid use disorder: a novel application of the American College of Rheumatology Fibromyalgia Survey Criteria

Hall, O. Trent; Teater, Julie; Rood, Kara M.; More

PAIN Reports. 7(4):e1016, August 2022.

Task-specific fear rather than general kinesiophobia assessment is associated with kinematic differences in chronic low back pain during lumbar flexion: a preliminary investigation

Imai, Ryota; Imaoka, Masakazu; Nakao, Hidetoshi; More

PAIN Reports. 7(5):1025, October 2022.

Psychophysiologic symptom relief therapy for chronic back pain: a pilot randomized controlled trial

Donnino, Michael W.; Thompson, Garrett S.; Mehta, Shivani; More

PAIN Reports. 6(3):e959, October 2021.

Impact of demographic factors on chronic pain among adults in the United States

Mullins, Peter M.; Yong, Robert J.; Bhattacharyya, Neil

PAIN Reports. 7(4):e1009, August 2022.

Postoperative pain—from mechanisms to treatment

Pogatzki-Zahn, Esther M.; Segelcke, Daniel; Schug, Stephan A.

PAIN Reports. 2(2):e588, March/April 2017.

The opioid epidemic and national guidelines for opioid therapy for chronic noncancer pain: a perspective from different continents

Häuser, Winfried; Schug, Stephan; Furlan, Andrea D.

PAIN Reports. 2(3):e599, May/June 2017.

Mast cell stabilizer ketotifen fumarate reverses inflammatory but not neuropathic-induced mechanical pain in mice

Meloto, Carolina B.; Ingelmo, Pablo; Perez, Eduardo Vega; More

PAIN Reports. 6(2):e902, August 2021.

Associations between single-question Visual Analogue Scale pain score and weight-bearing and non–weight-bearing domains of Western Ontario and McMaster Universities Arthritis Index pain: data from 2 phase 3 clinical trials

Bjerre-Bastos, Jonathan J.; Miller, Claire P.; Li, Yanqi; More

PAIN Reports. 7(5):1017, October 2022.

Complex regional pain syndrome–up-to-date

Birklein, Frank; Dimova, Violeta

PAIN Reports. 2(6):e624, November/December 2017.

Adverse childhood experiences and burn pain: a review of biopsychosocial mechanisms that may influence healing

Werthman, Emily H.; Colloca, Luana; Oswald, Lynn M.

PAIN Reports. 7(4):e1013, August 2022.

Physiotherapy for people with painful peripheral neuropathies: a narrative review of its efficacy and safety

Jesson, Tom; Runge, Nils; Schmid, Annina B.

PAIN Reports. 5(5):1-e834, September/October 2020.

Long-term effectiveness and safety of medical cannabis administered through the metered-dose Syqe Inhaler

Aviram, Joshua; Atzmony, Daniella; Eisenberg, Elon

PAIN Reports. 7(3):e1011, June 2022.

Recruitment and retention for chronic pain clinical trials: a narrative review

Kennedy, Nan; Nelson, Sarah; Jerome, Rebecca N.; More

PAIN Reports. 7(4):e1007, August 2022.

A clinical primer for the expected and potential post-COVID-19 syndromes

Walitt, Brian; Bartrum, Elizabeth

PAIN Reports. 6(1):e887, 2021.

Potential for increased prevalence of neuropathic pain after the COVID-19 pandemic

Attal, Nadine; Martinez, Valéria; Bouhassira, Didier

PAIN Reports. 6(1):e884, 2021.

Unintended consequences of COVID-19 safety measures on patients with chronic knee pain forced to defer joint replacement surgery

Cisternas, Alvaro F.; Ramachandran, Roshni; Yaksh, Tony L.; More

PAIN Reports. 5(6):e855, December 2020.

Trauma and pain sensitization in youth with chronic pain

Janssen, Joel; Abou-Assaly, Elias; Rasic, Nivez; More

PAIN Reports. 7(2):e992, April 2022.

Psychologically informed physical therapy for musculoskeletal pain: current approaches, implications, and future directions from recent randomized trials

Coronado, Rogelio A.; Brintz, Carrie E.; McKernan, Lindsey C.; More

PAIN Reports. 5(5):e847, September/October 2020.

Entrapment neuropathies: a contemporary approach to pathophysiology, clinical assessment, and management

Schmid, Annina B.; Fundaun, Joel; Tampin, Brigitte

PAIN Reports. 5(4):e829, July/August 2020.

Dry needling has lasting analgesic effect in shoulder pain: a double-blind, sham-controlled trial

Pai, Marcus Yu Bin; Toma, Juliana Takiguti; Kaziyama, Helena Hideko Seguchi; More

PAIN Reports. 6(2):e939, August 2021.

Measurement properties of the Pain Self-Efficacy Questionnaire in populations with musculoskeletal disorders: a systematic review

Dubé, Marc-Olivier; Langevin, Pierre; Roy, Jean-Sébastien

PAIN Reports. 6(4):e972, December 2021.

Reconsidering the International Association for the Study of Pain definition of pain

Cohen, Milton; Quintner, John; van Rysewyk, Simon

PAIN Reports. 3(2):e634, March/April 2018.

Patient perspectives of pain and function after knee replacement: a systematic review and meta-synthesis of qualitative studies

Taylor, Carrie E.V.; Murray, Carolyn M.; Stanton, Tasha R.

PAIN Reports. 7(3):e1006, June 2022.

The Delaware Pain Database: a set of painful expressions and corresponding norming data

Mende-Siedlecki, Peter; Qu-Lee, Jennie; Lin, Jingrun; More

PAIN Reports. 5(6):e853, December 2020.

Opportunities and challenges for physical rehabilitation with indigenous populations

Lin, Ivan; Coffin, Juli; Bullen, Jonathan; More

PAIN Reports. 5(5):e838, September/October 2020.

Autoimmune regulation of chronic pain

Lacagnina, Michael J.; Heijnen, Cobi J.; Watkins, Linda R.; More

PAIN Reports. 6(1):e905, 2021.

Challenges in pain assessment and management among individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities

Barney, Chantel C.; Andersen, Randi D.; Defrin, Ruth; More

PAIN Reports. 5(4):e821, July/August 2020.

Prognostic factors for pain chronicity in low back pain: a systematic review

Nieminen, Linda Karoliina; Pyysalo, Liisa Maria; Kankaanpää, Markku Juhani

PAIN Reports. 6(1):e919, 2021.

Conditioned pain modulation is associated with heightened connectivity between the periaqueductal grey and cortical regions

Harrison, Richard; Gandhi, Wiebke; van Reekum, Carien M.; More

PAIN Reports. 7(3):e999, June 2022.

Patient-Led Research Collaborative: embedding patients in the Long COVID narrative

McCorkell, Lisa; S. Assaf, Gina; E. Davis, Hannah; More

PAIN Reports. 6(1):e913, 2021.

Neurobiology of SARS-CoV-2 interactions with the peripheral nervous system: implications for COVID-19 and pain

McFarland, Amelia J.; Yousuf, Muhammad S.; Shiers, Stephanie; More

PAIN Reports. 6(1):e885, 2021.

Blue-light treatment reduces spontaneous and evoked pain in a human experimental pain model

Reuss, Anna Maria; Groos, Dominik; Scholl, Robert; More

PAIN Reports. 6(4):e968, December 2021.

Stress-induced analgesia: an evaluation of effects on temporal summation of pain and the role of endogenous opioid mechanisms

Bruehl, Stephen; Morris, Matthew C.; al'Absi, Mustafa

PAIN Reports. 7(2):e987, April 2022.

Clinical updates on phantom limb pain

Erlenwein, Joachim; Diers, Martin; Ernst, Jennifer; More

PAIN Reports. 6(1):e888, 2021.

Characteristics of office workers who benefit most from interventions for preventing neck and low back pain: a moderation analysis

Akkarakittichoke, Nipaporn; Jensen, Mark P.; Newman, Andrea K.; More

PAIN Reports. 7(3):e1014, June 2022.

Mechanism of exercise-induced analgesia: what we can learn from physically active animals

Lesnak, Joseph B.; Sluka, Kathleen A.

PAIN Reports. 5(5):e850, September/October 2020.

Ultrasound-guided lumbar medial branch blocks and intra-articular facet joint injections: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Ashmore, Zachary M.; Bies, Michael M.; Meiling, James B.; More

PAIN Reports. 7(3):e1008, June 2022.

Telehealth and chronic pain management from rapid adaptation to long-term implementation in pain medicine: A narrative review

Perez, Jordi; Niburski, Kacper; Stoopler, Michelle; More

PAIN Reports. 6(1):e912, 2021.

A scoping review of chronic pain in emerging adults

Brown, Donnamay; Schenk, Sabrina; Genent, Dunja; More

PAIN Reports. 6(1):e920, 2021.

Acute postoperative pain after orthognathic surgery can be predicted by the preoperative evaluation of conditioned pain modulation and pain catastrophizing

Takashima, Keiko; Oono, Yuka; Takagi, Saori; More

PAIN Reports. 7(2):e989, April 2022.

Feasibility of a patient-centered method to determine meaningful change in pain intensity on a survey of patients with a history of cancer

Jones, Salene M.W.; Unger, Joseph M.

PAIN Reports. 7(4):e1015, August 2022.

Exercise-induced hypoalgesia after acute and regular exercise: experimental and clinical manifestations and possible mechanisms in individuals with and without pain

Vaegter, Henrik Bjarke; Jones, Matthew David

PAIN Reports. 5(5):e823, September/October 2020.

Heterogeneity in the association between weather and pain severity among patients with chronic pain: a Bayesian multilevel regression analysis

Yimer, Belay B.; Schultz, David M.; Beukenhorst, Anna L.; More

PAIN Reports. 7(1):e963, February 2022.

Trajectories of disability in low back pain

Andersen, Tonny E.; Karstoft, Karen-Inge; Lauridsen, Henrik H.; More

PAIN Reports. 7(1):e985, February 2022.

Pain during and after COVID-19 in Germany and worldwide: a narrative review of current knowledge

Meyer-Frießem, Christine H.; Gierthmühlen, Janne; Baron, Ralf; More

PAIN Reports. 6(1):e893, 2021.

The dark side of opioids in pain management: basic science explains clinical observation

Rivat, Cyril; Ballantyne, Jane

PAIN Reports. 1(2):e570, August 2016.

Reliable approaches to extract high-integrity RNA from skin and other pertinent tissues used in pain research

LoCoco, Peter M.; Boyd, Jacob T.; Espitia Olaya, Claudia M.; More

PAIN Reports. 5(2):e818, March/April 2020.

A physiatrist's understanding and application of the current literature on chronic pelvic pain: a narrative review

Shrikhande, Allyson; Ullger, Cory; Seko, Kyle; More

PAIN Reports. 6(3):e949, October 2021.

Long-term opioid therapy for chronic noncancer pain: second update of the German guidelines

Petzke, Frank; Bock, Frietjof; Hüppe, Michael; More

PAIN Reports. 5(5):e840, September/October 2020.

Remote management of musculoskeletal pain: a pragmatic approach to the implementation of video and phone consultations in musculoskeletal practice

Hohenschurz-Schmidt, David; Scott, Whitney; Park, Charlie; More

PAIN Reports. 5(6):e878, December 2020.

Physical therapy and opioid use for musculoskeletal pain management: competitors or companions?

George, Steven Z.; Goode, Adam P.

PAIN Reports. 5(5):e827, September/October 2020.

Targeting the stress response in pediatric pain: current evidence for psychosocial intervention and avenues for future investigation

Nelson, Sarah; Borsook, David; Bosquet Enlow, Michelle

PAIN Reports. 6(3):e953, October 2021.

Predicting poor postoperative acute pain outcome in adults: an international, multicentre database analysis of risk factors in 50,005 patients

Schnabel, Alexander; Yahiaoui-Doktor, Maryam; Meissner, Winfried; More

PAIN Reports. 5(4):e831, July/August 2020.

Effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on chronic pain in Spain: a scoping review

Carrillo-de-la-Peña, María T.; González-Villar, Alberto; Triñanes, Yolanda

PAIN Reports. 6(1):e899, 2021.

Disparities in telehealth utilization in patients with pain during COVID-19

Mueller, Bridget R.; Lawrence, Steven; Benn, Emma; More

PAIN Reports. 7(3):e1001, June 2022.

Transient hypoalgesia after COVID-19 infection

Becker, Juliane; Papagianni, Aikaterini; Herrmann, Eva; More

PAIN Reports. 7(2):e990, April 2022.

Pain perception and processing in individuals with posttraumatic stress disorder: a systematic review with meta-analysis

Tesarz, Jonas; Baumeister, David; Andersen, Tonny Elmose; More

PAIN Reports. 5(5):e849, September/October 2020.

Management of post-cervical laminectomy fusion pain syndrome with a successful trial of spinal cord stimulation

Dahbour, Layth; Wright, Thelma B.; Rusha, Laert; More

PAIN Reports. 6(4):e981, December 2021.

Difficult removal of exposed peripheral nerve stimulator leads: a report of 2 cases

Uppal, Pushpinder; Wright, Thelma B.; Dahbour, Layth; More

PAIN Reports. 6(3):e946, October 2021.

The Pain Coping Questionnaire short-form: preliminary reliability and validity

Kohut, Sara Ahola; Stinson, Jennifer; Chambers, Christine T.; More

PAIN Reports. 7(1):e982, February 2022.

The association between patients' illness perceptions and longitudinal clinical outcome in patients with low back pain

Fors, Maria; Öberg, Birgitta; Enthoven, Paul; More

PAIN Reports. 7(3):e1004, June 2022.

Low back pain definitions: effect on patient inclusion and clinical profiles

Massé-Alarie, Hugo; Angarita-Fonseca, Adriana; Lacasse, Anaïs; More

PAIN Reports. 7(2):e997, April 2022.

Not really nice: a commentary on the recent version of NICE guidelines [NG193: chronic pain (primary and secondary) in over 16s: assessment of all chronic pain and management of chronic primary pain] by the Pain Net

Korwisi, Beatrice; Barke, Antonia; Kharko, Anna; More

PAIN Reports. 6(4):e961, December 2021.

An observational study of centrally facilitated pain in individuals with chronic low back pain

Georgopoulos, Vasileios; Akin-Akinyosoye, Kehinde; Smith, Stephanie; More

PAIN Reports. 7(3):e1003, June 2022.