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Potential for increased prevalence of neuropathic pain after the COVID-19 pandemic

Attal, Nadine; Martinez, Valéria; Bouhassira, Didier

PAIN Reports. 6(1):e884, 2021.

Prognostic factors for pain chronicity in low back pain: a systematic review

Nieminen, Linda Karoliina; Pyysalo, Liisa Maria; Kankaanpää, Markku Juhani

PAIN Reports. 6(1):e919, 2021.

Acute pain management in patients with drug dependence syndrome

Quinlan, Jane; Cox, Felicia

PAIN Reports. 2(4):e611, July/August 2017.

A scoping review of chronic pain in emerging adults

Brown, Donnamay; Schenk, Sabrina; Genent, Dunja; More

PAIN Reports. 6(1):e920, 2021.

Postoperative pain—from mechanisms to treatment

Pogatzki-Zahn, Esther M.; Segelcke, Daniel; Schug, Stephan A.

PAIN Reports. 2(2):e588, March/April 2017.

Patient-Led Research Collaborative: embedding patients in the Long COVID narrative

McCorkell, Lisa; S. Assaf, Gina; E. Davis, Hannah; More

PAIN Reports. 6(1):e913, 2021.

Complex regional pain syndrome–up-to-date

Birklein, Frank; Dimova, Violeta

PAIN Reports. 2(6):e624, November/December 2017.

Entrapment neuropathies: a contemporary approach to pathophysiology, clinical assessment, and management

Schmid, Annina B.; Fundaun, Joel; Tampin, Brigitte

PAIN Reports. 5(4):e829, July/August 2020.

Psychologically informed physical therapy for musculoskeletal pain: current approaches, implications, and future directions from recent randomized trials

Coronado, Rogelio A.; Brintz, Carrie E.; McKernan, Lindsey C.; More

PAIN Reports. 5(5):e847, September/October 2020.

Effects of long-term opioid analgesics on cognitive performance and plasma cytokine concentrations in patients with chronic low back pain: a cross-sectional pilot study

Richards, Georgia C.; Lluka, Lesley J.; Smith, Maree T.; More

PAIN Reports. 3(4):e669, July/August 2018.

The dark side of opioids in pain management: basic science explains clinical observation

Rivat, Cyril; Ballantyne, Jane

PAIN Reports. 1(2):e570, August 2016.

Physiotherapy for people with painful peripheral neuropathies: a narrative review of its efficacy and safety

Jesson, Tom; Runge, Nils; Schmid, Annina B.

PAIN Reports. 5(5):1-e834, September/October 2020.

Physical therapy and opioid use for musculoskeletal pain management: competitors or companions?

George, Steven Z.; Goode, Adam P.

PAIN Reports. 5(5):e827, September/October 2020.

Unintended consequences of COVID-19 safety measures on patients with chronic knee pain forced to defer joint replacement surgery

Cisternas, Alvaro F.; Ramachandran, Roshni; Yaksh, Tony L.; More

PAIN Reports. 5(6):e855, November/December 2020.

Challenges in pain assessment and management among individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities

Barney, Chantel C.; Andersen, Randi D.; Defrin, Ruth; More

PAIN Reports. 5(4):e821, July/August 2020.

Current methods and challenges for acute pain clinical trials

Gilron, Ian; Carr, Daniel B.; Desjardins, Paul J.; More

PAIN Reports. 4(3):e647, May/June 2019.

Mechanism of exercise-induced analgesia: what we can learn from physically active animals

Lesnak, Joseph B.; Sluka, Kathleen A.

PAIN Reports. 5(5):e850, September/October 2020.

Reconsidering the International Association for the Study of Pain definition of pain

Cohen, Milton; Quintner, John; van Rysewyk, Simon

PAIN Reports. 3(2):e634, March/April 2018.

Exercise-induced hypoalgesia after acute and regular exercise: experimental and clinical manifestations and possible mechanisms in individuals with and without pain

Vaegter, Henrik Bjarke; Jones, Matthew David

PAIN Reports. 5(5):e823, September/October 2020.

Circulating inflammatory biomarkers in adolescents: evidence of interactions between chronic pain and obesity

Hainsworth, Keri R.; Simpson, Pippa M.; Raff, Hershel; More

PAIN Reports. 6(1):e916, 2021.

Transient receptor potential vanilloid subtype 1 depletion mediates mechanical allodynia through cellular signal alterations in small-fiber neuropathy

Chang, Chin-Hong; Chang, Ying-Shuang; Hsieh, Yu-Lin

PAIN Reports. 6(1):e922, 2021.

Predicting poor postoperative acute pain outcome in adults: an international, multicentre database analysis of risk factors in 50,005 patients

Schnabel, Alexander; Yahiaoui-Doktor, Maryam; Meissner, Winfried; More

PAIN Reports. 5(4):e831, July/August 2020.

Reliable approaches to extract high-integrity RNA from skin and other pertinent tissues used in pain research

LoCoco, Peter M.; Boyd, Jacob T.; Espitia Olaya, Claudia M.; More

PAIN Reports. 5(2):e818, March/April 2020.

Opportunities and challenges for physical rehabilitation with indigenous populations

Lin, Ivan; Coffin, Juli; Bullen, Jonathan; More

PAIN Reports. 5(5):e838, September/October 2020.

Diagnostic confounders of chronic widespread pain: not always fibromyalgia

Häuser, Winfried; Perrot, Serge; Sommer, Claudia; More

PAIN Reports. 2(3):e598, May/June 2017.

Cohort study protocol to characterize the incidence and severity of neuropathic pain in patients with severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 infection

Odozor, Chioma U.; Roles, Kristen; Burk, Carrie; More

PAIN Reports. 6(1):e925, 2021.

Preventing and treating medication overuse headache

Alstadhaug, Karl B.; Ofte, Hilde K.; Kristoffersen, Espen S.

PAIN Reports. 2(4):e612, July/August 2017.

The opioid epidemic and national guidelines for opioid therapy for chronic noncancer pain: a perspective from different continents

Häuser, Winfried; Schug, Stephan; Furlan, Andrea D.

PAIN Reports. 2(3):e599, May/June 2017.

No evidence that attentional bias towards pain-related words is associated with verbally induced nocebo hyperalgesia: a dot-probe study

Coleshill, Matthew James; Sharpe, Louise; Colagiuri, Ben

PAIN Reports. 6(1):e921, 2021.

Orofacial pain in 1916 patients with early or moderate Parkinson disease

O'Neill, Francis; Kobylecki, Christopher; Carrasco, Roberto; More

PAIN Reports. 6(1):e923, 2021.

Costs and consequences of chronic pain due to musculoskeletal disorders from a health system perspective in Chile

Vargas, Constanza; Bilbeny, Norberto; Balmaceda, Carlos; More

PAIN Reports. 3(5):e656, September/October 2018.

Randomized, wait-list–controlled pilot study of app-delivered mindfulness for patients reporting chronic pain

Mascaro, Jennifer S.; Singh, Vinita; Wehrmeyer, Kathryn; More

PAIN Reports. 6(1):1-e924, 2021.

Impact of pain on mental effort assessed as cardiovascular reactivity

Cancela, Tamara; Silvestrini, Nicolas

PAIN Reports. 6(1):e917, 2021.

Risk-stratified and stepped models of care for back pain and osteoarthritis: are we heading towards a common model?

Kongsted, Alice; Kent, Peter; Quicke, Jonathan G.; More

PAIN Reports. 5(5):e843, September/October 2020.

Long-term opioid therapy for chronic noncancer pain: second update of the German guidelines

Petzke, Frank; Bock, Frietjof; Hüppe, Michael; More

PAIN Reports. 5(5):e840, September/October 2020.

Adverse childhood experiences and chronic pain among children and adolescents in the United States

Groenewald, Cornelius B.; Murray, Caitlin B.; Palermo, Tonya M.

PAIN Reports. 5(5):e839, September/October 2020.

Increased pain sensitivity and pain-related anxiety in individuals with autism

Failla, Michelle D.; Gerdes, Madison B.; Williams, Zachary J.; More

PAIN Reports. 5(6):e861, November/December 2020.

Outcome in young adults who were diagnosed with complex regional pain syndrome in childhood and adolescence

Wong, Becky J.; Yoon, Isabel A.; Krane, Elliot J.

PAIN Reports. 5(6):e860, November/December 2020.

Pain perception and processing in individuals with posttraumatic stress disorder: a systematic review with meta-analysis

Tesarz, Jonas; Baumeister, David; Andersen, Tonny Elmose; More

PAIN Reports. 5(5):e849, September/October 2020.

The early influence of COVID-19 pandemic-associated restrictions on pain, mood, and everyday life of patients with painful polyneuropathy

Kersebaum, Dilara; Fabig, Sophie-Charlotte; Sendel, Manon; More

PAIN Reports. 5(6):e858, November/December 2020.

Embedding the IASP pain curriculum into a 3-year pre-licensure physical therapy program: redesigning pain education for future clinicians

Hush, Julia M.; Nicholas, Michael; Dean, Catherine M.

PAIN Reports. 3(2):e645, March/April 2018.

Prevalence of postamputation pain and its subtypes: a meta-analysis with meta-regression

Schwingler, Paul M.; Moman, Rajat N.; Hunt, Christy; More

PAIN Reports. 6(1):e918, 2021.

Vagus nerve stimulation inhibits trigeminal nociception in a rodent model of episodic migraine

Hawkins, Jordan L.; Cornelison, Lauren E.; Blankenship, Brian A.; More

PAIN Reports. 2(6):e628, November/December 2017.

Is clinical, musculoskeletal pain associated with poorer logical reasoning?

Gunnarsson, Helena; Agerström, Jens

PAIN Reports. 6(1):e929, 2021.

Can training in empathetic validation improve medical students' communication with patients suffering pain? A test of concept

Linton, Steven J.; Flink, Ida K.; Nilsson, Emma; More

PAIN Reports. 2(3):e600, May/June 2017.