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General Section: Case Report

Successful use of differential target multiplexed spinal cord stimulation for chronic postsurgical abdominal pain

Tanaka, Ryusuke; Shinohara, Kenji; Hidai, Yohei; More

Pediatric: Research Paper

Chronic pain concepts of pediatricians: a qualitative survey

Locher, Cosima; Wörner, Andreas; Carlander, Maria; More

Meeting Proceedings: Meeting Proceedings

Global series: Complex regional pain syndrome: abstracts from the International Association for the Study of Pain complex regional pain syndrome SIG virtual symposia 2021

Lewis, Jennifer S.; Kashif, Muhammad; Maan, Aasam; More

Neuropathic: Research Paper

Test–retest reliability of a simple bedside-quantitative sensory testing battery for chronic neuropathic pain

Sachau, Juliane; Appel, Christina; Reimer, Maren; More

Acute and perioperative: Research Paper

Acute and subacute postsurgical pain in women with breast cancer: incidence and associations with biopsychosocial predictors—a secondary analysis of a randomized controlled trial

Munk, Alice; Jacobsen, Henrik Børsting; Schnur, Julie; More

Pediatric: Research Paper

Sensory processing sensitivity in adolescents reporting chronic pain: an exploratory study

Koechlin, Helen; Donado, Carolina; Locher, Cosima; More

General Section: Review

Analgesic efficacy of sleep-promoting pharmacotherapy in patients with chronic pain: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Andersson, Emelie; Kander, Thomas; Werner, Mads U.; More

General Section: Research Paper

Pain severity at emergency department discharge as a predictor for chronification of pain

ten Doesschate, Stephanie F.H.; Kuijper, T. Martijn; Koopman, Seppe S.H.A.; More


Characterizing OPRM1 DNA methylation in prescription opioid users with chronic musculoskeletal pain

Sheikh, Sophia; Smotherman, Carmen; Patel, Monika; More

Headache and Orofacial

Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 infection altered the factors associated with headache: evidence from a multicenter community-based case–control study

Ali, Mohammad

Basic Science

Using evoked compound action potentials to quantify differential neural activation with burst and conventional, 40 Hz spinal cord stimulation in ovines

Dinsmoor, David A.; Usoro, Joshua O.; Barka, Noah D.; More

General Section

A literature review of the impact of exclusion criteria on generalizability of clinical trial findings to patients with chronic pain

Salmasi, Vafi; Lii, Theresa R.; Humphreys, Keith; More


Plasma and interstitial levels of endocannabinoids and N-acylethanolamines in patients with chronic widespread pain and fibromyalgia: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Kurlyandchik, Inna; Lauche, Romy; Tiralongo, Evelin; More

Big Data and Pain

Artificial intelligence and machine learning in pain research: a data scientometric analysis

Lötsch, Jörn; Ultsch, Alfred; Mayer, Benjamin; More


Distraction from pain depends on task demands and motivation

Vogel, Todd A.; Falk, Carl F.; Otto, A. Ross; More


Sex-related differences in experimental pain sensitivity in subjects with painful or painless neuropathy after surgical repair of traumatic nerve injuries

Miclescu, Adriana Ana; Gkatziani, Panagiota; Granlund, Pontus; More

Basic Science

Effects of stimulation area and temperature rates on offset analgesia

Szikszay, Tibor M.; Melz, Nina; von Glasenapp, Barbara; More

General Section

Relief of chronic pain associated with increase in midline frontal theta power

Rustamov, Nabi; Wilson, Elizabeth A.; Fogarty, Alexandra E.; More


Clusters of facilitatory and inhibitory conditioned pain modulation responses in a large sample of children, adolescents, and young adults with chronic pain

Ocay, Don Daniel; Ye, Diana-Luk; Larche, Cynthia L.; More

Big Data and Pain: Review

The power of integrating data: advancing pain research using meta-analysis

Fundaun, Joel; Thomas, Elizabeth T.; Schmid, Annina B.; More


Fibromyalgia in women: association of inflammatory plasma proteins, muscle blood flow, and metabolism with body mass index and pain characteristics

Ghafouri, Bijar; Edman, Emelie; Löf, Marie; More

General Section

Preliminary study: quantification of chronic pain from physiological data

Cheng, Zhuowei; Ly, Franklin; Santander, Tyler; More

Clinical Updates

Evidence-based interventions to treat chronic low back pain: treatment selection for a personalized medicine approach

Mauck, Matthew C.; Aylward, Aileen F.; Barton, Chloe E.; More


Differences in plasma lipoprotein profiles between patients with chronic peripheral neuropathic pain and healthy controls: an exploratory pilot study

Jönsson, Mika; Bäckryd, Emmanuel; Jonasson, Lena; More


Consistency of pediatric pain ratings between dyads: an updated meta-analysis and metaregression

Zhou, Huaqiong; Albrecht, Matthew A.; Roberts, Pam A.; More

General Section

Dropped head syndrome: report of a rare complication after multilevel bilateral cervical radiofrequency neurotomy

Bajaj, Harnek S.; Chapman, Andrew W.

General Section

Independent and combined associations of depressive symptoms and sleep disturbance with chronic pain in community-dwelling older adults

Saito, Takafumi; Chen, Tao; Yatsugi, Harukaze; More

Pain Education

Ten-year mixed-method evaluation of prelicensure health professional student self-reported learning in an interfaculty pain curriculum

Dale, Craig M.; Cioffi, Iacopo; Murphy, Laura; More

Acute and Perioperative

Peri-OPerative Pain Management, Education & De-escalation (POPPMED), a novel anaesthesiologist-led program, significantly reduces acute and long-term postoperative opioid requirements: a retrospective cohort study

Heldreich, Charlotte; Meyer, Ilonka; Dube, Esther; More


Digital rehabilitation for hand and wrist pain: a single-arm prospective longitudinal cohort study

Costa, Fabíola; Janela, Dora; Molinos, Maria; More


Willingness to use nonpharmacologic treatments for musculoskeletal pain in the emergency department: a cross-sectional study

Eucker, Stephanie A.; Foley, Shawna; Peskoe, Sarah; More


Task-specific fear rather than general kinesiophobia assessment is associated with kinematic differences in chronic low back pain during lumbar flexion: a preliminary investigation

Imai, Ryota; Imaoka, Masakazu; Nakao, Hidetoshi; More


Associations between single-question Visual Analogue Scale pain score and weight-bearing and non–weight-bearing domains of Western Ontario and McMaster Universities Arthritis Index pain: data from 2 phase 3 clinical trials

Bjerre-Bastos, Jonathan J.; Miller, Claire P.; Li, Yanqi; More

General Section

Central sensitization in opioid use disorder: a novel application of the American College of Rheumatology Fibromyalgia Survey Criteria

Hall, O. Trent; Teater, Julie; Rood, Kara M.; More

General Section

Recruitment and retention for chronic pain clinical trials: a narrative review

Kennedy, Nan; Nelson, Sarah; Jerome, Rebecca N.; More

General Section

Impact of demographic factors on chronic pain among adults in the United States

Mullins, Peter M.; Yong, Robert J.; Bhattacharyya, Neil

General Section

Adverse childhood experiences and burn pain: a review of biopsychosocial mechanisms that may influence healing

Werthman, Emily H.; Colloca, Luana; Oswald, Lynn M.

Cancer and Palliative

Feasibility of a patient-centered method to determine meaningful change in pain intensity on a survey of patients with a history of cancer

Jones, Salene M.W.; Unger, Joseph M.


Characteristics of office workers who benefit most from interventions for preventing neck and low back pain: a moderation analysis

Akkarakittichoke, Nipaporn; Jensen, Mark P.; Newman, Andrea K.; More


Long-term effectiveness and safety of medical cannabis administered through the metered-dose Syqe Inhaler

Aviram, Joshua; Atzmony, Daniella; Eisenberg, Elon


Ultrasound-guided lumbar medial branch blocks and intra-articular facet joint injections: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Ashmore, Zachary M.; Bies, Michael M.; Meiling, James B.; More

Basic Science

Fadu head and neck squamous cell carcinoma induces hyperexcitability of primary sensory neurons in an in vitro coculture model

Uhelski, Megan L.; Gorur, Aysegul; Shi, Ted; More


Patient perspectives of pain and function after knee replacement: a systematic review and meta-synthesis of qualitative studies

Taylor, Carrie E.V.; Murray, Carolyn M.; Stanton, Tasha R.

General Section

Conditioned pain modulation is associated with heightened connectivity between the periaqueductal grey and cortical regions

Harrison, Richard; Gandhi, Wiebke; van Reekum, Carien M.; More


The association between patients' illness perceptions and longitudinal clinical outcome in patients with low back pain

Fors, Maria; Öberg, Birgitta; Enthoven, Paul; More

General Section

Disparities in telehealth utilization in patients with pain during COVID-19

Mueller, Bridget R.; Lawrence, Steven; Benn, Emma; More


An observational study of centrally facilitated pain in individuals with chronic low back pain

Georgopoulos, Vasileios; Akin-Akinyosoye, Kehinde; Smith, Stephanie; More

Cancer and Palliative

Unique associations of pain frequency and pain-related worry with health-related quality of life in survivors of childhood cancer

Heathcote, Lauren C.; Cunningham, Sarah J.; Patton, Michaela; More


Impaired conditioned pain modulation was restored after a single exercise session in individuals with and without fibromyalgia

Alsouhibani, Ali; Hoeger Bement, Marie


Detection of altered pain facilitatory and inhibitory mechanisms in patients with knee osteoarthritis by using a simple bedside tool kit (QuantiPain)

Izumi, Masashi; Hayashi, Yoshihiro; Saito, Ryota; More

Acute and Perioperative

Low back pain definitions: effect on patient inclusion and clinical profiles

Massé-Alarie, Hugo; Angarita-Fonseca, Adriana; Lacasse, Anaïs; More


Trauma and pain sensitization in youth with chronic pain

Janssen, Joel; Abou-Assaly, Elias; Rasic, Nivez; More

COVID-19 and pain

Transient hypoalgesia after COVID-19 infection

Becker, Juliane; Papagianni, Aikaterini; Herrmann, Eva; More

Acute and Perioperative

Acute postoperative pain after orthognathic surgery can be predicted by the preoperative evaluation of conditioned pain modulation and pain catastrophizing

Takashima, Keiko; Oono, Yuka; Takagi, Saori; More


The neurologic pain signature responds to nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory treatment vs placebo in knee osteoarthritis

López-Solà, Marina; Pujol, Jesus; Monfort, Jordi; More

General Section

Stress-induced analgesia: an evaluation of effects on temporal summation of pain and the role of endogenous opioid mechanisms

Bruehl, Stephen; Morris, Matthew C.; al'Absi, Mustafa

General Section

Late responses in the anterior insula reflect the cognitive component of pain: evidence of nonpain processing

Taniguchi, Nami; Hironaga, Naruhito; Mitsudo, Takako; More