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Trauma and pain sensitization in youth with chronic pain

Janssen, Joel; Abou-Assaly, Elias; Rasic, Nivez; More

PAIN Reports. 7(2):e992, April 2022.

Acute postoperative pain after orthognathic surgery can be predicted by the preoperative evaluation of conditioned pain modulation and pain catastrophizing

Takashima, Keiko; Oono, Yuka; Takagi, Saori; More

PAIN Reports. 7(2):e989, April 2022.

Stress-induced analgesia: an evaluation of effects on temporal summation of pain and the role of endogenous opioid mechanisms

Bruehl, Stephen; Morris, Matthew C.; al'Absi, Mustafa

PAIN Reports. 7(2):e987, April 2022.

Heterogeneity in the association between weather and pain severity among patients with chronic pain: a Bayesian multilevel regression analysis

Yimer, Belay B.; Schultz, David M.; Beukenhorst, Anna L.; More

PAIN Reports. 7(1):e963, February 2022.