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Evaluation of the International Classification of Diseases-11 chronic pain classification: study protocol for an ecological implementation field study in low-, middle-, and high-income countries

Korwisi, Beatrice; Treede, Rolf-Detlef; Rief, Winfried; More

PAIN Reports. 5(4):e825, July/August 2020.

A novel cortical biomarker signature for predicting pain sensitivity: protocol for the PREDICT longitudinal analytical validation study

Seminowicz, David A.; Bilska, Katarzyna; Chowdhury, Nahian S.; More

PAIN Reports. 5(4):e833, July/August 2020.

Genomic analysis of 21 patients with corneal neuralgia after refractive surgery

Yuan, Jun-Hui; Schulman, Betsy R.; Effraim, Philip R.; More

PAIN Reports. 5(4):e826, July/August 2020.

Predicting poor postoperative acute pain outcome in adults: an international, multicentre database analysis of risk factors in 50,005 patients

Schnabel, Alexander; Yahiaoui-Doktor, Maryam; Meissner, Winfried; More

PAIN Reports. 5(4):e831, July/August 2020.

Serum soluble urokinase plasminogen activator receptor in adolescents: interaction of chronic pain and obesity

Raff, Hershel; Phillips, Jonathan M.; Simpson, Pippa M.; More

PAIN Reports. 5(4):e836, July/August 2020.

The association between daily physical exercise and pain among women with fibromyalgia: the moderating role of pain catastrophizing

Lazaridou, Asimina; Paschali, Myrella; Schreiber, Kristin; More

PAIN Reports. 5(4):e832, July/August 2020.

Conditioning open-label placebo: a pilot pharmacobehavioral approach for opioid dose reduction and pain control

Morales-Quezada, Leon; Mesia-Toledo, Ines; Estudillo-Guerra, Anayali; More

PAIN Reports. 5(4):e828, July/August 2020.

Challenges in pain assessment and management among individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities

Barney, Chantel C.; Andersen, Randi D.; Defrin, Ruth; More

PAIN Reports. 5(4):e821, July/August 2020.

Entrapment neuropathies: a contemporary approach to pathophysiology, clinical assessment, and management

Schmid, Annina B.; Fundaun, Joel; Tampin, Brigitte

PAIN Reports. 5(4):e829, July/August 2020.

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Welcome to the 2020 Global Year for the Prevention of Pain! This year's theme focuses on disseminating pain prevention strategies to researchers, clinicians, and patients.

Articles published in PAIN related to this year's theme are marked with the Global Year logo and added to an article collection.



Pain in Dementia

Stefan Lautenbacher, Stephen J. Gibson BBSc(Hon), PhD, MAPsS

With the help of Pain in Dementia, you can learn new ways to give dementia patients a better quality of life through identifying the source of their pain and recommending the most effective treatment options

Pain 2016 Refresher Courses: 16th World Congress on Pain

Claudia L Sommer MD, Steven P Cohen , Michaela Kress , Mark S Wallace

Presented at the 16th World Congress on Pain in Yokohama, Japan, in September 2016, these papers represent the thinking of the world's top pain scientists and clinicians

Pain in the Joints

Serge Perrot and Lars Arendt-Nielsen

A comprehensive overview of joint pain, including its assessment, mechanisms, and treatment options