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Cannabinoids, cannabis, and cannabis-based medicine for pain management a protocol for an overview of systematic reviews and a systematic review of randomised controlled trials

Fisher, Emma; Eccleston, Christopher; Degenhardt, Louisa; More

PAIN Reports. 4(3):e741, May/June 2019.

Risks of harm with cannabinoids, cannabis, and cannabis-based medicine for pain management relevant to patients receiving pain treatment protocol for an overview of systematic reviews

Gilron, Ian; Blyth, Fiona M.; Degenhardt, Louisa; More

PAIN Reports. 4(3):e742, May/June 2019.

Skilled reaching deterioration contralateral to cervical hemicontusion in rats is reversed by pregabalin treatment conditional upon its early administration

Erskine, Erin L.K.S.; Smaila, Brittney D.; Plunet, Ward; More

PAIN Reports. 4(3):e749, May/June 2019.

Resting blood pressure modulates chest pain intensity in patients with acute myocardial infarction

Granot, Michal; Dagul, Pnina; Aronson, Doron

PAIN Reports. 4(3):e714, May/June 2019.

Latin American Pain Federation position paper on appropriate opioid use in pain management

Garcia, João Batista Santos; Lopez, Maria Patricia Gomez; Barros, Guilherme Antonio Moreira; More

PAIN Reports. 4(3):e730, May/June 2019.

From Bench-to-Bedside and Beyond

From Bench-to-Bedside and Beyond: Research Paper

From Bench-to-Bedside and Beyond: Review

How to prevent, minimize, or extinguish nocebo effects in pain a narrative review on mechanisms, predictors, and interventions

Manaï, Meriem; van Middendorp, Henriët; Veldhuijzen, Dieuwke S.; More

PAIN Reports. 4(3):e699, May/June 2019.

Current methods and challenges for acute pain clinical trials

Gilron, Ian; Carr, Daniel B.; Desjardins, Paul J.; More

PAIN Reports. 4(3):e647, May/June 2019.

Opportunities and challenges for junior investigators conducting pain clinical trials

Adams, Meredith C.B.; Bicket, Mark C.; Murphy, Jamie D.; More

PAIN Reports. 4(3):e639, May/June 2019.

Checklist for the preparation and review of pain clinical trial publications a pain-specific supplement to CONSORT

Gewandter, Jennifer S.; Eisenach, James C.; Gross, Robert A.; More

PAIN Reports. 4(3):e621, May/June 2019.


IASP Global Year 2019 Logo_4.jpgThe 2019 Global Year Against Pain in the Most Vulnerable is underway. This year-long initiative offers resoruces for pain researchers and clinicians while focusing on the following vulnerable populations:

              • Pain in older persons (including pain in dementia)
              • Pain in infants and young children
              • Pain in individuals with cognitive impairments (non dementia-related) or psychiatric disorders
              • Pain in survivors of torture

Articles published in PAIN related to pain education are marked with the Global Year logo and added to an article collection.


Pain in Dementia

Stefan Lautenbacher, Stephen J. Gibson BBSc(Hon), PhD, MAPsS

With the help of Pain in Dementia, you can learn new ways to give dementia patients a better quality of life through identifying the source of their pain and recommending the most effective treatment options

Pain 2016 Refresher Courses: 16th World Congress on Pain

Claudia L Sommer MD, Steven P Cohen , Michaela Kress , Mark S Wallace

Presented at the 16th World Congress on Pain in Yokohama, Japan, in September 2016, these papers represent the thinking of the world's top pain scientists and clinicians

Pain in the Joints

Serge Perrot and Lars Arendt-Nielsen

A comprehensive overview of joint pain, including its assessment, mechanisms, and treatment options