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June 2022 - Volume 7 - Issue 3
pp: e1014-e1014

Impaired conditioned pain modulation was restored after a single exercise session in individuals with and without fibromyalgia

Alsouhibani, Ali; Hoeger Bement, Marie

PAIN Reports. 7(3):e996, June 2022.

Detection of altered pain facilitatory and inhibitory mechanisms in patients with knee osteoarthritis by using a simple bedside tool kit (QuantiPain)

Izumi, Masashi; Hayashi, Yoshihiro; Saito, Ryota; More

PAIN Reports. 7(3):e998, June 2022.

An observational study of centrally facilitated pain in individuals with chronic low back pain

Georgopoulos, Vasileios; Akin-Akinyosoye, Kehinde; Smith, Stephanie; More

PAIN Reports. 7(3):e1003, June 2022.

Patient perspectives of pain and function after knee replacement: a systematic review and meta-synthesis of qualitative studies

Taylor, Carrie E.V.; Murray, Carolyn M.; Stanton, Tasha R.

PAIN Reports. 7(3):e1006, June 2022.

Ultrasound-guided lumbar medial branch blocks and intra-articular facet joint injections: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Ashmore, Zachary M.; Bies, Michael M.; Meiling, James B.; More

PAIN Reports. 7(3):e1008, June 2022.

Characteristics of office workers who benefit most from interventions for preventing neck and low back pain: a moderation analysis

Akkarakittichoke, Nipaporn; Jensen, Mark P.; Newman, Andrea K.; More

PAIN Reports. 7(3):e1014, June 2022.

Unique associations of pain frequency and pain-related worry with health-related quality of life in survivors of childhood cancer

Heathcote, Lauren C.; Cunningham, Sarah J.; Patton, Michaela; More

PAIN Reports. 7(3):e1000, June 2022.

Disparities in telehealth utilization in patients with pain during COVID-19

Mueller, Bridget R.; Lawrence, Steven; Benn, Emma; More

PAIN Reports. 7(3):e1001, June 2022.

Conditioned pain modulation is associated with heightened connectivity between the periaqueductal grey and cortical regions

Harrison, Richard; Gandhi, Wiebke; van Reekum, Carien M.; More

PAIN Reports. 7(3):e999, June 2022.

The association between patients' illness perceptions and longitudinal clinical outcome in patients with low back pain

Fors, Maria; Öberg, Birgitta; Enthoven, Paul; More

PAIN Reports. 7(3):e1004, June 2022.

Fadu head and neck squamous cell carcinoma induces hyperexcitability of primary sensory neurons in an in vitro coculture model

Uhelski, Megan L.; Gorur, Aysegul; Shi, Ted; More

PAIN Reports. 7(3):e1012, June 2022.

Long-term effectiveness and safety of medical cannabis administered through the metered-dose Syqe Inhaler

Aviram, Joshua; Atzmony, Daniella; Eisenberg, Elon

PAIN Reports. 7(3):e1011, June 2022.