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PAIN Reports 2018: Global Year for Excellence in Pain Education

  • Updated:   12/10/2020
  • Contains:  5 items
This page showcases articles from PAIN Reports that are published on the topic of the 2018 Global Year. To see articles from the journal PAIN on the 2018 Global Year topic, please visit the PAIN website.

Content validation of a Critical Appraisal Tool for Reviewing Analgesia Studies (CATRAS) involving subjects incapable of self-reporting pain

Warne, Leon N.; Schug, Stephan A.; Beths, Thierry; More

PAIN Reports. 3(4):e670, July/August 2018.

Embedding the IASP pain curriculum into a 3-year pre-licensure physical therapy program: redesigning pain education for future clinicians

Hush, Julia M.; Nicholas, Michael; Dean, Catherine M.

PAIN Reports. 3(2):e645, March/April 2018.