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Neuroimmune Interactions in Chronic Pain, Special Issue Guest Editor, Marzia Malcangio

  • Updated:   4/28/2021
  • Contains:  10 items

From the low-density lipoprotein receptor–related protein 1 to neuropathic pain: a potentially novel target

García-Fernández, Patricia; Üçeyler, Nurcan; Sommer, Claudia

PAIN Reports. 6(1):e898, 2021.

Reciprocal interactions between osteoclasts and nociceptive sensory neurons in bone cancer pain

Andriessen, Amanda S.; Donnelly, Christopher R.; Ji, Ru-Rong

PAIN Reports. 6(1):e867, 2021.

Contribution of colony-stimulating factor 1 to neuropathic pain

Yu, Xiaobing; Basbaum, Allan; Guan, Zhonghui

PAIN Reports. 6(1):e883, 2021.

Changes in blood–spinal cord barrier permeability and neuroimmune interactions in the underlying mechanisms of chronic pain

Montague-Cardoso, Karli; Malcangio, Marzia

PAIN Reports. 6(1):e879, 2021.

Neuroimmune interactions and osteoarthritis pain: focus on macrophages

Geraghty, Terese; Winter, Deborah R.; Miller, Richard J.; More

PAIN Reports. 6(1):e892, 2021.

Autoimmune regulation of chronic pain

Lacagnina, Michael J.; Heijnen, Cobi J.; Watkins, Linda R.; More

PAIN Reports. 6(1):e905, 2021.