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August 2021 - Volume 6 - Issue 2
pp: e939-e939

Best practices for virtual care to support youth with chronic pain and their families: a rapid systematic review to inform health care and policy during COVID-19 and beyond

Birnie, Kathryn A.; Killackey, Tieghan; Stinson, Jennifer; More

PAIN Reports. 6(2):e935, August 2021.

Effects of joint and nerve mobilisation on neuroimmune responses in animals and humans with neuromusculoskeletal conditions: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Lutke Schipholt, Ivo J.; Coppieters, Michel W.; Meijer, Onno G.; More

PAIN Reports. 6(2):e927, August 2021.

Dissociative and analgesic properties of ketamine are independent and unaltered by sevoflurane general anesthesia

Hahm, Eunice Y.; Chamadia, Shubham; Locascio, Joseph J.; More

PAIN Reports. 6(2):e936, August 2021.

Magnetoencephalography reveals increased slow-to-fast alpha power ratios in patients with chronic pain

Witjes, Bart; Baillet, Sylvain; Roy, Mathieu; More

PAIN Reports. 6(2):e928, August 2021.

Multidimensional health changes after a multimodal pain rehabilitation program: a registry-based study

Grimby-Ekman, Anna; Kim, Malin; Stankovic, Nenad; More

PAIN Reports. 6(2):e938, August 2021.

Dry needling has lasting analgesic effect in shoulder pain: a double-blind, sham-controlled trial

Pai, Marcus Yu Bin; Toma, Juliana Takiguti; Kaziyama, Helena Hideko Seguchi; More

PAIN Reports. 6(2):e939, August 2021.

Intrinsic attention to pain is associated with a pronociceptive phenotype

Adams, Greig; Harrison, Richard; Gandhi, Wiebke; More

PAIN Reports. 6(2):e934, August 2021.

Trajectories of pain during pregnancy predict symptoms of postpartum depression

Mathur, Vani A.; Nyman, Tristin; Nanavaty, Namrata; More

PAIN Reports. 6(2):e933, August 2021.

Mast cell stabilizer ketotifen fumarate reverses inflammatory but not neuropathic-induced mechanical pain in mice

Meloto, Carolina B.; Ingelmo, Pablo; Perez, Eduardo Vega; More

PAIN Reports. 6(2):e902, August 2021.

Analgesic effect of central relaxin receptor activation on persistent inflammatory pain in mice: behavioral and neurochemical data

Abboud, Cynthia; Brochoire, Louison; Drouet, Adèle; More

PAIN Reports. 6(2):e937, August 2021.

The methyl donor S-adenosyl methionine reverses the DNA methylation signature of chronic neuropathic pain in mouse frontal cortex

Topham, Lucas; Gregoire, Stephanie; Kang, HyungMo; More

PAIN Reports. 6(2):e944, August 2021.

Gucy2d selectively marks inhibitory dynorphin neurons in the spinal dorsal horn but is dispensable for pain and itch sensitivity

Serafin, Elizabeth K.; Burns, Robert; Yoo, Judy; More

PAIN Reports. 6(2):e947, August 2021.

A rat model to investigate quality of recovery after abdominal surgery

Cata, Juan P.; Patiño, Miguel; Lacagnina, Michael J.; More

PAIN Reports. 6(2):e943, August 2021.

C-tactile touch perception in patients with chronic pain disorders

Gossrau, Gudrun; Klimova, Anna; Lapp, Hanna Sophie; More

PAIN Reports. 6(2):e941, August 2021.

Analgesic effect of perineural local anesthetics, steroids, and conventional medical management for trauma and compression-related peripheral neuropathic pain: a retrospective cohort study

Bhatia, Anuj; Bril, Vera; Brull, Richard T.; More

PAIN Reports. 6(2):e945, August 2021.