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November/December 2020 - Volume 5 - Issue 6
pp: e877-e877

Regular physical activity reduces the percentage of spinally projecting neurons that express mu-opioid receptors from the rostral ventromedial medulla in mice

Sluka, Kathleen A.; Danielson, Jessica; Rasmussen, Lynn; More

PAIN Reports. 5(6):e857, November/December 2020.

Nonopioid drug combinations for cancer pain: protocol for a systematic review

Sohi, Gursharan; Caraceni, Augusto; Moulin, Dwight E.; More

PAIN Reports. 5(6):e856, November/December 2020.

The early influence of COVID-19 pandemic-associated restrictions on pain, mood, and everyday life of patients with painful polyneuropathy

Kersebaum, Dilara; Fabig, Sophie-Charlotte; Sendel, Manon; More

PAIN Reports. 5(6):e858, November/December 2020.

Unintended consequences of COVID-19 safety measures on patients with chronic knee pain forced to defer joint replacement surgery

Cisternas, Alvaro F.; Ramachandran, Roshni; Yaksh, Tony L.; More

PAIN Reports. 5(6):e855, November/December 2020.

Outcome in young adults who were diagnosed with complex regional pain syndrome in childhood and adolescence

Wong, Becky J.; Yoon, Isabel A.; Krane, Elliot J.

PAIN Reports. 5(6):e860, November/December 2020.

Increasing age is associated with elevated circulating interleukin-6 and enhanced temporal summation of mechanical pain in people living with HIV and chronic pain

Slawek, Deepika E.; Merlin, Jessica S.; Owens, Michael A.; More

PAIN Reports. 5(6):e859, November/December 2020.

Validation of CARE Scale-7 in treatment-seeking patients with chronic pain: measurement of sex invariance

Ziadni, Maisa; You, Dokyoung Sophia; Chen, Abby; More

PAIN Reports. 5(6):e862, November/December 2020.

Increased pain sensitivity and pain-related anxiety in individuals with autism

Failla, Michelle D.; Gerdes, Madison B.; Williams, Zachary J.; More

PAIN Reports. 5(6):e861, November/December 2020.

Systematic scoping review of interactions between analgesic drug therapy and mindfulness-based interventions for chronic pain in adults: current evidence and future directions

Park, Rex; Mohiuddin, Mohammed; Poulin, Patricia A.; More

PAIN Reports. 5(6):e868, November/December 2020.

Noninvasive vagus nerve stimulation and morphine transiently inhibit trigeminal pain signaling in a chronic headache model

Cornelison, Lauren E.; Hawkins, Jordan L.; Woodman, Sara E.; More

PAIN Reports. 5(6):e881, November/December 2020.

Tapentadol treatment results in long-term pain relief in patients with chronic low back pain and associates with reduced segmental sensitization

van de Donk, Tine; van Cosburgh, Jurjan; van Dasselaar, Tom; More

PAIN Reports. 5(6):e877, November/December 2020.

Mechanical detection and pain thresholds: comparability of devices using stepped and ramped stimuli

Pfau, Doreen B.; Haroun, Omer; Lockwood, Diana N.; More

PAIN Reports. 5(6):e865, November/December 2020.

Remote management of musculoskeletal pain: a pragmatic approach to the implementation of video and phone consultations in musculoskeletal practice

Hohenschurz-Schmidt, David; Scott, Whitney; Park, Charlie; More

PAIN Reports. 5(6):e878, November/December 2020.

Adverse childhood experiences in parents of youth with chronic pain: prevalence and comparison with a community-based sample

Beveridge, Jaimie K.; Dobson, Keith S.; Madigan, Sheri; More

PAIN Reports. 5(6):e866, November/December 2020.

Diagnostic uncertainty in pediatric chronic pain: nature, prevalence, and consequences

Neville, Alexandra; Jordan, Abbie; Pincus, Tamar; More

PAIN Reports. 5(6):e871, November/December 2020.

The Delaware Pain Database: a set of painful expressions and corresponding norming data

Mende-Siedlecki, Peter; Qu-Lee, Jennie; Lin, Jingrun; More

PAIN Reports. 5(6):e853, November/December 2020.