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PAIN Reports now awards Continuing Medical Education (CME) and Continuing Education (CE) credits for reviewers of the following types of articles: reviews, research articles, brief reports, case reports, guidelines, PAIN Clinical Updates (PCUs), perspectives, and research protocols.

Once you thoroughly complete your review of this article based on the criteria outlined below, you are eligible to receive 3.0 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™.

The criteria required to receive CME/CE credit for this educational activity includes:

  • Completion of entire reviewer score sheet (all questions);
  • Return of review in timely manner (by due date indicated in reviewer invitation letter);
  • Demonstration that reviewer has read the article carefully, has considered existing evidence when preparing comments, and provides specific, thorough, and balanced comments that are useful to both editor and authors; and
  • Demonstration of critical analyses of the manuscript and its importance to the pain literature.

Frequently Asked Questions about CME/CE for Peer Review

  1. What are the criteria to receive CME/CE credit for a review?

    Reviewers will be given the option at the start of the review to decide whether or not they would like their review to be considered for CME/CE credit. If you choose consideration for CME/CE, your review of the article as an educational activity will be designated for 3.0 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™. You must receive a passing score for your review—at least 70 out of 100 points—in order to receive any credit. The criteria required to receive CME/CE credit for this educational activity includes:

    If you receive a passing score for your review, you should expect your CME/CE certificate to arrive to you via e‐mail 1‐2 months after completing your review.

  2. What is a passing score for a review?

    The Editor who handles your review will evaluate your review and assign a score between 0 and 100 to reflect the quality of the review. A score of 70 or above is needed in order to earn CME/CE credit. Please note that this evaluation of your review is independent of the quality of the article. Even if you recommend against publishing the article, credit can be awarded if the quality of the review scores a 70 or above.

  3. What happens if my review scores less than 70?

    If your score is less than 70, you will not receive CME/CE credit.

  4. Will any reviewer be able to earn credit – even if there is more than one reviewer per manuscript?

    Yes, any reviewer can earn credit for their work – it is not limited to just one reviewer per manuscript.

  5. Can physician reviewers with international medical degrees receive credit?

    Yes, AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™ may be awarded to any physician (defined by the AMA as MDs, DOs, or international physicians with equivalent degrees from other countries). WK Health/LWW does ask what degree reviewers hold and will provide a certificate to foreign practitioners if they provide one of the following degree categories: BMBS, MBBS, MBChB, MB BCh, BMed, MDCM, Dr.MuD, Dr.Med,, Med.

  6. What if I indicate in the evaluation questions that I did not learn as a result of the review, can I still receive CME/CE credit?

    Yes.  Even though your evaluation is required, the awarding of CME/CE credit is based on the quality of your review and is independent of the evaluation of your own learning.

  7. What if I recommend rejection or revision of the article; can I still receive CME/CE credit?

    Yes.  It is the quality of the review that warrants CME/CE credit, not the quality of the article.

  8. What is the cost for this CME/CE credit?

    There is no cost to you, the peer reviewer.

  9. If the article goes back for revision, is additional CME/CE credit available for subsequent reviews?

    No.  It is just the first review that is eligible for CME/CE credit.

  10. What do I do if I do not receive my certificate by e‐mail after 2 months? 

    You should contact the editorial office to assure that the credit has been approved. If approved but no certificate has been received, call the WKH/LWW Continuing Education Department for more information (Brenda Alston 215‐521‐8636, [email protected]).