April 2023 - Volume 164 - Issue 4 : PAIN

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April 2023 - Volume 164 - Issue 4
pp: 675-917,e177-e241

Recovery expectations can be assessed with single-item measures: findings of a systematic review and meta-analysis on the role of recovery expectations on return-to-work outcomes after musculoskeletal pain conditions

Carrière, Junie S.; Donayre Pimentel, Stephania; Bou Saba, Sabine; More

PAIN. 164(4):e190-e206, April 2023.

Distinct and sex-specific expression of mu opioid receptors in anterior cingulate and somatosensory S1 cortical areas

Zamfir, Maria; Sharif, Behrang; Locke, Samantha; More

PAIN. 164(4):703-716, April 2023.

Mirror peripheral neuropathy and unilateral chronic neuropathic pain: insights from asymmetric neurological patterns in leprosy

Raicher, Irina; Zandonai, Alexandra P.; Anghinah, Isadora W.; More

PAIN. 164(4):717-727, April 2023.

Unbiased analysis of the dorsal root ganglion after peripheral nerve injury: no neuronal loss, no gliosis, but satellite glial cell plasticity

Schulte, Annemarie; Lohner, Hannah; Degenbeck, Johannes; More

PAIN. 164(4):728-740, April 2023.

Adjuvanted recombinant zoster vaccine decreases herpes zoster-associated pain and the use of pain medication across 3 randomized, placebo-controlled trials

Kim, Joon Hyung; Johnson, Robert; Kovac, Martina; More

PAIN. 164(4):741-748, April 2023.

A qualitative exploration of dentists' opioid prescribing decisions within U.S. veterans affairs facilities

Sharp, Lisa K.; Solanki, Pooja; Boyer, Taylor; More

PAIN. 164(4):749-757, April 2023.

Spinal neurovascular coupling is preserved despite time-dependent alterations of spinal cord blood flow responses in a rat model of chronic back pain: implications for functional spinal cord imaging

Paquette, Thierry; Eskandari, Nasim; Leblond, Hugues; More

PAIN. 164(4):758-770, April 2023.

Stimulation of alpha-1 adrenoceptors may intensify cutaneous inflammation in complex regional pain syndrome

Wijaya, Linda K.; Morici, Michael V.; Stumbles, Philip A.; More

PAIN. 164(4):771-781, April 2023.

Evaluation of a polymer-coated nanoparticle cream formulation of resiniferatoxin for the treatment of painful diabetic peripheral neuropathy

Baskaran, Padmamalini; Mohandass, Adithya; Gustafson, Noah; More

PAIN. 164(4):782-790, April 2023.

Indifference or hypersensitivity? Solving the riddle of the pain profile in individuals with autism

Hoffman, Tseela; Bar-Shalita, Tami; Granovsky, Yelena; More

PAIN. 164(4):791-803, April 2023.

Estimating individualized treatment effects using a risk-modeling approach: an application to epidural steroid injections for lumbar spinal stenosis

Liu, Pinyan; Wu, Yitao; Xiao, Ziyu; More

PAIN. 164(4):811-819, April 2023.

A rose by another name? Characteristics that distinguish headache secondary to temporomandibular disorder from headache that is comorbid with temporomandibular disorder

Sharma, Sonia; Slade, Gary D.; Fillingim, Roger B.; More

PAIN. 164(4):820-830, April 2023.

Consistent pattern between physical activity measures and chronic pain levels: the Tromsø Study 2015 to 2016

Fjeld, Mats Kirkeby; Årnes, Anders Pedersen; Engdahl, Bo; More

PAIN. 164(4):838-847, April 2023.

No association of postoperative opioid usage with long-term surgery outcomes in patients with liver cancer: a population-based retrospective cohort study

Yeh, Pin-Hung; Yeh, Han-Wei; Yang, Shun-Fa; More

PAIN. 164(4):848-854, April 2023.

Tolerability and efficacy of duloxetine for the prevention of persistent musculoskeletal pain after trauma and injury: a pilot three-group randomized controlled trial

Beaudoin, Francesca L.; Gaither, Rachel; DeLomba, Weston C.; More

PAIN. 164(4):855-863, April 2023.

Noncoding rare variants in PANX3 are associated with chronic back pain

Belonogova, Nadezhda M.; Kirichenko, Anatoly V.; Freidin, Maxim B.; More

PAIN. 164(4):864-869, April 2023.

Delphi study to explore a new diagnosis for “ineffective” long-term opioid therapy for chronic pain

Edmond, Sara N.; Snow, Jennifer L.; Pomeranz, Jamie; More

PAIN. 164(4):870-876, April 2023.

Opioid dose and pain effects of an online pain self-management program to augment usual care in adults with chronic pain: a multisite randomized clinical trial

Wilson, Marian; Dolor, Rowena J.; Lewis, Daniel; More

PAIN. 164(4):877-885, April 2023.

Perception threshold tracking: validating a novel method for assessing function of large and small sensory nerve fibers in diabetic peripheral neuropathy with and without pain

Røikjer, Johan; Croosu, Suganthiya Santhiapillai; Frøkjær, Jens Brøndum; More

PAIN. 164(4):886-894, April 2023.

Generalization of pain-related avoidance behavior based on de novo categorical knowledge

Glogan, Eveliina; Gatzounis, Rena; Bennett, Marc Patrick; More

PAIN. 164(4):895-904, April 2023.

Intrinsic and synaptic properties of adult mouse spinoperiaqueductal gray neurons and the influence of neonatal tissue damage

Li, Jie; Serafin, Elizabeth K.; Baccei, Mark L.

PAIN. 164(4):905-917, April 2023.

The one-year clinical course of back-related disability and the prognostic value of comorbidity among older adults with back pain in primary care

Vigdal, Ørjan Nesse; Storheim, Kjersti; Killingmo, Rikke Munk; More

PAIN. 164(4):e207-e216, April 2023.

A double-blind phase II randomized controlled trial of an online cognitive bias modification for interpretation program with and without psychoeducation for people with chronic pain

Sharpe, Louise; Jones, Emma Blaisdale; Pradhan, Poorva; More

PAIN. 164(4):e217-e227, April 2023.

Association between prescribed opioid dose and risk of motor vehicle crashes

Quinn, Patrick D.; Chang, Zheng; Pujol, Toyya A.; More

PAIN. 164(4):e228-e236, April 2023.

Reply to Monticone

O'Connell, Neil Edward; Moore, R. Andrew; Stewart, Gavin; More

PAIN. 164(4):e239-e241, April 2023.