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December 2021 - Volume 162 - Issue 12
pp: 2785-2957

Endogenous opioids contribute to the feeling of pain relief in humans

Sirucek, Laura; Price, Rebecca Christine; Gandhi, Wiebke; More

PAIN. 162(12):2821-2831, December 2021.

Myalgia as a symptom at hospital admission by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 infection is associated with persistent musculoskeletal pain as long-term post-COVID sequelae: a case-control study

Fernández-de-las-Peñas, César; Rodríguez-Jiménez, Jorge; Fuensalida-Novo, Stella; More

PAIN. 162(12):2832-2840, December 2021.

Action of mefloquine/amitriptyline THN101 combination on neuropathic mechanical hypersensitivity in mice

Letellier, Baptiste; Kremer, Mélanie; Becker, Léa J.; More

PAIN. 162(12):2841-2853, December 2021.

Classism in pain assessment and management: the mediating role of female patient dehumanization and perceived life hardship

Bernardes, Sónia F.; Tomé-Pires, Catarina; Brandão, Tânia; More

PAIN. 162(12):2854-2864, December 2021.

Activation of the dorsal, but not the ventral, hippocampus relieves neuropathic pain in rodents

Wei, Xuhong; Centeno, Maria Virginia; Ren, Wenjie; More

PAIN. 162(12):2865-2880, December 2021.

Responsiveness of quantitative sensory testing-derived sensory phenotype to disease-modifying intervention in patients with entrapment neuropathy: a longitudinal study

Kennedy, Donna L.; Vollert, Jan; Ridout, Deborah; More

PAIN. 162(12):2881-2893, December 2021.

Dynamics of brain function in patients with chronic pain assessed by microstate analysis of resting-state electroencephalography

May, Elisabeth S.; Gil Ávila, Cristina; Ta Dinh, Son; More

PAIN. 162(12):2894-2908, December 2021.

Peritraumatic 17β-estradiol levels influence chronic posttraumatic pain outcomes

Linnstaedt, Sarah D.; Mauck, Matthew C.; Son, Esther Y.; More

PAIN. 162(12):2909-2916, December 2021.

Dorsal root ganglion stimulation of injured sensory neurons in rats rapidly eliminates their spontaneous activity and relieves spontaneous pain

Chao, Dongman; Mecca, Christina M.; Yu, Guoliang; More

PAIN. 162(12):2917-2932, December 2021.

Investigating the specificity of the neurologic pain signature against breathlessness and finger opposition

Harrison, Olivia K.; Hayen, Anja; Wager, Tor D.; More

PAIN. 162(12):2933-2944, December 2021.

Internet-delivered cognitive behavioral therapy for youth with functional abdominal pain: a randomized clinical trial testing differential efficacy by patient subgroup

Walker, Lynn S.; Stone, Amanda L.; Han, Gloria T.; More

PAIN. 162(12):2945-2955, December 2021.