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October 2021 - Volume 162 - Issue 10
pp: 2459-2620

An implantable restorative-neurostimulator for refractory mechanical chronic low back pain: a randomized sham-controlled clinical trial

Gilligan, Christopher; Volschenk, Willem; Russo, Marc; More

PAIN. 162(10):2486-2498, October 2021.

Protein kinase Cδ as a neuronal mechanism for headache in a chronic intermittent nitroglycerin model of migraine in mice

He, Ying; Shi, Zuoxiao; Kashyap, Yavnika; More

PAIN. 162(10):2499-2511, October 2021.

Opening of BKCa channels causes migraine attacks: a new downstream target for the treatment of migraine

Al-Karagholi, Mohammad Al-Mahdi; Ghanizada, Hashmat; Waldorff Nielsen, Cherie Amalie; More

PAIN. 162(10):2512-2520, October 2021.

Effect of back problems on healthcare utilization and costs in Ontario, Canada: a population-based matched cohort study

Wong, Jessica J.; Côté, Pierre; Tricco, Andrea C.; More

PAIN. 162(10):2521-2531, October 2021.

Pain phenotypes among adults living with cerebral palsy and spina bifida

Peterson, Mark D.; Haapala, Heidi; Kamdar, Neil; More

PAIN. 162(10):2532-2538, October 2021.

Core outcome set for pediatric chronic pain clinical trials: results from a Delphi poll and consensus meeting

Palermo, Tonya M.; Walco, Gary A.; Paladhi, Unmesha Roy; More

PAIN. 162(10):2539-2547, October 2021.

Consensus agreement to rename burning mouth syndrome and improve International Classification of Diseases-11 disease criteria: an international Delphi study

Chmieliauskaite, Milda; Stelson, Elisabeth A.; Epstein, Joel B.; More

PAIN. 162(10):2548-2557, October 2021.

What do patients value learning about pain? A mixed-methods survey on the relevance of target concepts after pain science education

Leake, Hayley B.; Moseley, G. Lorimer; Stanton, Tasha R.; More

PAIN. 162(10):2558-2568, October 2021.

Fibromyalgia vs small fiber neuropathy: diverse keratinocyte transcriptome signature

Karl, Franziska; Bischler, Thorsten; Egenolf, Nadine; More

PAIN. 162(10):2569-2577, October 2021.

Efficacy and safety of EMA401 in peripheral neuropathic pain: results of 2 randomised, double-blind, phase 2 studies in patients with postherpetic neuralgia and painful diabetic neuropathy

Rice, Andrew S.C.; Dworkin, Robert H.; Finnerup, Nanna B.; More

PAIN. 162(10):2578-2589, October 2021.

Migraine chronification is associated with beta-band connectivity within the pain-related cortical regions: a magnetoencephalographic study

Hsiao, Fu-Jung; Chen, Wei-Ta; Liu, Hung-Yu; More

PAIN. 162(10):2590-2598, October 2021.

Inhibition of dual leucine zipper kinase prevents chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy and cognitive impairments

Ma, Jiacheng; Goodwani, Sunil; Acton, Paul J.; More

PAIN. 162(10):2599-2612, October 2021.

Comparative differences in musculoskeletal pain consultation and analgesic prescription for people with dementia: a UK-wide matched cohort study

Bullock, Laurna; Bedson, John; Chen, Ying; More

PAIN. 162(10):2613-2620, October 2021.