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September 2021 - Volume 162 - Issue 9
pp: 2313-2456

The Valencia consensus-based adaptation of the IASP complex regional pain syndrome diagnostic criteria

Goebel, Andreas; Birklein, Frank; Brunner, Florian; More

PAIN. 162(9):2346-2348, September 2021.

Preclinical models of endometriosis and interstitial cystitis/bladder pain syndrome: an Innovative Medicines Initiative-PainCare initiative to improve their value for translational research in pelvic pain

Nunez-Badinez, Paulina; De Leo, Bianca; Laux-Biehlmann, Alexis; More

PAIN. 162(9):2349-2365, September 2021.

Protective role of natural killer cells in neuropathic pain conditions

Lassen, Josephine; Stürner, Klarissa Hanja; Gierthmühlen, Janne; More

PAIN. 162(9):2366-2375, September 2021.

Spinal nociceptive sensitization and plasma palmitoylethanolamide levels during experimentally induced migraine attacks

De Icco, Roberto; Greco, Rosaria; Demartini, Chiara; More

PAIN. 162(9):2376-2385, September 2021.

Astrocytes mediate migraine-related intracranial meningeal mechanical hypersensitivity

Zhao, Jun; Blaeser, Andrew S.; Levy, Dan

PAIN. 162(9):2386-2396, September 2021.

Baseline resting-state functional connectivity determines subsequent pain ratings to a tonic ecologically valid experimental model of orofacial pain

Ayoub, Lizbeth J.; McAndrews, Mary Pat; Barnett, Alexander J.; More

PAIN. 162(9):2397-2404, September 2021.

Encoding of cutaneous stimuli by lamina I projection neurons

Chisholm, Kim I.; Lo Re, Laure; Polgár, Erika; More

PAIN. 162(9):2405-2417, September 2021.

OnabotulinumtoxinA affects cortical recovery period but not occurrence or propagation of cortical spreading depression in rats with compromised blood–brain barrier

Melo-Carrillo, Agustin; Strassman, Andrew M.; Schain, Aaron J.; More

PAIN. 162(9):2418-2427, September 2021.

Open-label placebo vs double-blind placebo for irritable bowel syndrome: a randomized clinical trial

Lembo, Anthony; Kelley, John M.; Nee, Judy; More

PAIN. 162(9):2428-2435, September 2021.

A Glra3 phosphodeficient mouse mutant establishes the critical role of protein kinase A–dependent phosphorylation and inhibition of glycine receptors in spinal inflammatory hyperalgesia

Werynska, Karolina; Gingras, Jacinthe; Benke, Dietmar; More

PAIN. 162(9):2436-2445, September 2021.

Examination of mechanism effects in cognitive behavioral therapy and pain education: analyses of weekly assessments

Burns, John W.; Gerhart, James; Van Dyke, Benjamin P.; More

PAIN. 162(9):2446-2455, September 2021.

Reply to Venda Nova et al.

Ciampi de Andrade, Daniel; Sterman-Neto, Hugo; Fukuda, Cristiane Yoko; More

PAIN. 162(9):2456, September 2021.