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June 2020 - Volume 161 - Issue 6
pp: 1127-1398

Morphine produces potent antinociception, sedation, and hypothermia in humanized mice expressing human mu-opioid receptor splice variants

Huang, Yi-Han; Wu, Yu-Wei; Chuang, Jian-Ying; More

PAIN. 161(6):1177-1190, June 2020.

Placebo effect in children: the role of expectation and learning

Gniß, Silke; Kappesser, Judith; Hermann, Christiane

PAIN. 161(6):1191-1201, June 2020.

Parent physical and mental health contributions to interpersonal fear avoidance processes in pediatric chronic pain

Birnie, Kathryn A.; Heathcote, Lauren C.; Bhandari, Rashmi P.; More

PAIN. 161(6):1202-1211, June 2020.

Does experimentally induced pain-related fear influence central and peripheral movement preparation in healthy people and patients with low back pain?

Schouppe, Stijn; Clauwaert, Amanda; Van Oosterwijck, Jessica; More

PAIN. 161(6):1212-1226, June 2020.

Dysmenorrhea subtypes exhibit differential quantitative sensory assessment profiles

Hellman, Kevin M.; Roth, Genevieve E.; Dillane, Katlyn E.; More

PAIN. 161(6):1227-1236, June 2020.

Targeting interleukin-20 alleviates paclitaxel-induced peripheral neuropathy

Chen, Li-Hsien; Yeh, Yu-Min; Chen, Yi-Fan; More

PAIN. 161(6):1237-1254, June 2020.

Brain perfusion patterns are altered in chronic knee pain: a spatial covariance analysis of arterial spin labelling MRI

Iwabuchi, Sarina J.; Xing, Yue; Cottam, William J.; More

PAIN. 161(6):1255-1263, June 2020.

Intergroup anxiety in pain care: impact on treatment recommendations made by white providers for black patients

Grant, Alexis D.; Miller, Megan M.; Hollingshead, Nicole A.; More

PAIN. 161(6):1264-1269, June 2020.

Quantification of neonatal procedural pain severity: a platform for estimating total pain burden in individual infants

Laudiano-Dray, Maria Pureza; Pillai Riddell, Rebecca; Jones, Laura; More

PAIN. 161(6):1270-1277, June 2020.

Musculoskeletal pain in 6-year-old children: the Generation R Study

van den Heuvel, Marleen M.; Jansen, Pauline W.; Bindels, Patrick J.E.; More

PAIN. 161(6):1278-1285, June 2020.

Perspective-taking influences attentional deployment towards facial expressions of pain: an eye-tracking study

Pilch, Monika; O'Hora, Denis; Jennings, Caroline; More

PAIN. 161(6):1286-1296, June 2020.

Receipt of multiple outpatient opioid prescriptions is associated with increased risk of adverse outcomes in youth: opioid prescribing trends, individual characteristics, and outcomes from 2005 to 2016

Pielech, Melissa; Kruger, Eric; Rivers, William Evan; More

PAIN. 161(6):1297-1310, June 2020.

Neural substrates for poststroke complex regional pain syndrome type I: a retrospective case–control study using voxel-based lesion symptom mapping analysis

Kim, Jun Yup; Yoon, Seo Yeon; Kim, Jinna; More

PAIN. 161(6):1311-1320, June 2020.

Nonsurgical mouse model of endometriosis-associated pain that responds to clinically active drugs

Fattori, Victor; Franklin, Noah S.; Gonzalez-Cano, Rafael; More

PAIN. 161(6):1321-1331, June 2020.

Outcomes of prescription opioid dose escalation for chronic pain: results from a prospective cohort study

Morasco, Benjamin J.; Smith, Ning; Dobscha, Steven K.; More

PAIN. 161(6):1332-1340, June 2020.

A randomized placebo-controlled trial of desipramine, cognitive behavioral therapy, and active placebo therapy for low back pain

Gould, Hilary M.; Atkinson, Joseph Hampton; Chircop-Rollick, Tatiana; More

PAIN. 161(6):1341-1349, June 2020.

Pharmacological characterization of a rat Nav1.7 loss-of-function model with insensitivity to pain

Chen, Lubin; Effraim, Philip R.; Carrara, Jennifer; More

PAIN. 161(6):1350-1360, June 2020.

Bodily changes and sensory sensitivity in complex regional pain syndrome and fibromyalgia

Ten Brink, Antonia F.; Peters, Louisa; Kompouli, Paraskevi-Ioanna; More

PAIN. 161(6):1361-1370, June 2020.

Brain networks and endogenous pain inhibition are modulated by age and sex in healthy rats

Da Silva, Joyce T.; Tricou, Christina; Zhang, Youping; More

PAIN. 161(6):1371-1380, June 2020.

Low-dose interleukin-2 reverses behavioral sensitization in multiple mouse models of headache disorders

Zhang, Jintao; Czerpaniak, Katherine; Huang, Liang; More

PAIN. 161(6):1381-1398, June 2020.