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March 2020 - Volume 161 - Issue 3
pp: 459-661

Pain behavior without pain sensation: an epileptic syndrome of “symbolism for pain”?

Hagiwara, Koichi; Garcia-Larrea, Luis; Tremblay, Léon; More

PAIN. 161(3):502-508, March 2020.

Reducing the use of opioids by patients with chronic pain: an effectiveness study with long-term follow-up

Nicholas, Michael K.; Asghari, Ali; Sharpe, Louise; More

PAIN. 161(3):509-519, March 2020.

Avoid or engage? Outcomes of graded exposure in youth with chronic pain using a sequential replicated single-case randomized design

Simons, Laura E.; Vlaeyen, Johan W.S.; Declercq, Lies; More

PAIN. 161(3):520-531, March 2020.

Biomarkers for predicting central neuropathic pain occurrence and severity after spinal cord injury: results of a long-term longitudinal study

Gruener, Hila; Zeilig, Gabi; Gaidukov, Evgeni; More

PAIN. 161(3):545-556, March 2020.

Rapid identification and clinical indices of fear-avoidance in youth with chronic pain

Heathcote, Lauren C.; Bhandari, Rashmi P.; Timmers, Inge; More

PAIN. 161(3):565-573, March 2020.

Diabetic polyneuropathy and pain, prevalence, and patient characteristics: a cross-sectional questionnaire study of 5,514 patients with recently diagnosed type 2 diabetes

Gylfadottir, Sandra Sif; Christensen, Diana Hedevang; Nicolaisen, Sia Kromann; More

PAIN. 161(3):574-583, March 2020.

Evaluating the efficacy of an attention modification program for patients with fibromyalgia: a randomized controlled trial

Carleton, R. Nicholas; Asmundson, Gordon J.G.; Korol, Stephanie L.; More

PAIN. 161(3):584-594, March 2020.

Implications of the putamen in pain and motor deficits in complex regional pain syndrome

Azqueta-Gavaldon, Monica; Youssef, Andrew M.; Storz, Claudia; More

PAIN. 161(3):595-608, March 2020.

Selective modulation of tonic aversive qualities of neuropathic pain by morphine in the central nucleus of the amygdala requires endogenous opioid signaling in the anterior cingulate cortex

Navratilova, Edita; Nation, Kelsey; Remeniuk, Bethany; More

PAIN. 161(3):609-618, March 2020.

Brain signatures of threat–safety discrimination in adolescent chronic pain

Heathcote, Lauren C.; Timmers, Inge; Kronman, Corey A.; More

PAIN. 161(3):630-640, March 2020.

Graded chronic pain scale revised: mild, bothersome, and high-impact chronic pain

Von Korff, Michael; DeBar, Lynn L.; Krebs, Erin E.; More

PAIN. 161(3):651-661, March 2020.