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February 2020 - Volume 161 - Issue 2
pp: 237-458

Remifentanil for abdominal surgery is associated with unexpectedly unfavorable outcomes

Niedermayer, Sebastian; Heyn, Jens; Guenther, Felix; More

PAIN. 161(2):266-273, February 2020.

Vitamin D insufficiency increases risk of chronic pain among African Americans experiencing motor vehicle collision

Mauck, Matthew C.; Linnstaedt, Sarah D.; Bortsov, Andrey; More

PAIN. 161(2):274-280, February 2020.

Hospitalized patients quantify verbal pain intensity descriptors: methodological issues and values for 26 descriptors

Schlaeger, Judith M.; Cain, Kevin C.; Myklebust, Erin K.; More

PAIN. 161(2):281-287, February 2020.

High cortical delta power correlates with aggravated allodynia by activating anterior cingulate cortex GABAergic neurons in neuropathic pain mice

Li, Ya-Dong; Ge, Jing; Luo, Yan-Jia; More

PAIN. 161(2):288-299, February 2020.

Functional connectivity of the amygdala is linked to individual differences in emotional pain facilitation

Gandhi, Wiebke; Rosenek, Norma R.; Harrison, Richard; More

PAIN. 161(2):300-307, February 2020.

“Shooting pain” in lumbar radiculopathy and trigeminal neuralgia, and ideas concerning its neural substrates

Defrin, Ruth; Brill, Silviu; Goor-Arieh, Itay; More

PAIN. 161(2):308-318, February 2020.

Assessing the content specificity of interpretation biases in community adolescents with persistent and interfering pain

Lau, Jennifer Y.F.; Badaoui, Maryam; Meehan, Alan J.; More

PAIN. 161(2):319-327, February 2020.

The influence of visual experience and cognitive goals on the spatial representations of nociceptive stimuli

Vanderclausen, Camille; Manfron, Louise; De Volder, Anne; More

PAIN. 161(2):328-337, February 2020.

A population-based study of inflammatory mechanisms and pain sensitivity

Iordanova Schistad, Elina; Kong, Xiang Yi; Furberg, Anne-Sofie; More

PAIN. 161(2):338-350, February 2020.

A randomized controlled trial of 5 daily sessions and continuous trial of 4 weekly sessions of repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation for neuropathic pain

Hosomi, Koichi; Sugiyama, Kenji; Nakamura, Yusaku; More

PAIN. 161(2):351-360, February 2020.

Aggregate health and economic burden of herpes zoster in the United States: illustrative example of a pain condition

Harvey, Michael; Prosser, Lisa A.; Rose, Angela M.; More

PAIN. 161(2):361-368, February 2020.

Suboptimal learning of tactile-spatial predictions in patients with complex regional pain syndrome

Brown, Christopher A.; Scholtes, Ingrid; Shenker, Nicholas; More

PAIN. 161(2):369-378, February 2020.

Human induced pluripotent stem cell-derived GABAergic interneuron transplants attenuate neuropathic pain

Manion, John; Khuong, Thang; Harney, Dylan; More

PAIN. 161(2):379-387, February 2020.

Assessing peripheral fibers, pain sensitivity, central sensitization, and descending inhibition in Native Americans: main findings from the Oklahoma Study of Native American Pain Risk

Rhudy, Jamie L.; Lannon, Edward W.; Kuhn, Bethany L.; More

PAIN. 161(2):388-404, February 2020.

Oxaliplatin-induced neuropathy occurs through impairment of haemoglobin proton buffering and is reversed by carbonic anhydrase inhibitors

Potenzieri, Alberto; Riva, Beatrice; Rigolio, Roberta; More

PAIN. 161(2):405-415, February 2020.

A somatosensory cortex input to the caudal dorsolateral striatum controls comorbid anxiety in persistent pain

Jin, Yan; Meng, Qian; Mei, Lisheng; More

PAIN. 161(2):416-428, February 2020.

Experimentally induced spinal nociceptive sensitization increases with migraine frequency: a single-blind controlled study

De Icco, Roberto; Perrotta, Armando; Grillo, Valentina; More

PAIN. 161(2):429-438, February 2020.

Long-term impact of adolescent chronic pain on young adult educational, vocational, and social outcomes

Murray, Caitlin B.; Groenewald, Cornelius B.; de la Vega, Rocio; More

PAIN. 161(2):439-445, February 2020.

Low catechol-O-methyltransferase and stress potentiate functional pain and depressive behavior, especially in female mice

Zhang, Xin; Kanter, Katie; Chen, Jiegen; More

PAIN. 161(2):446-458, February 2020.