December 2019 - Volume 160 - Issue 12 : PAIN

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December 2019 - Volume 160 - Issue 12
pp: 2655-2899

A randomized pilot study to investigate the effect of opioids on immunomarkers using gene expression profiling during surgery

Wodehouse, Theresa; Demopoulos, Mary; Petty, Robert; More

PAIN. 160(12):2691-2698, December 2019.

Epidermal expression of human TRPM8, but not of TRPA1 ion channels, is associated with sensory responses to local skin cooling

Weyer-Menkhoff, Iris; Pinter, Andreas; Schlierbach, Hannah; More

PAIN. 160(12):2699-2709, December 2019.

Dermorphin [D-Arg2, Lys4] (1-4) amide inhibits below-level heat hypersensitivity in mice after contusive thoracic spinal cord injury

Liu, Shuguang; Huang, Qian; He, Shaoqiu; More

PAIN. 160(12):2710-2723, December 2019.

Fatty acid suppression of glial activation prevents central neuropathic pain after spinal cord injury

Georgieva, Marieta; Wei, Yuting; Dumitrascuta, Maria; More

PAIN. 160(12):2724-2742, December 2019.

Brain dysfunction in chronic pain patients assessed by resting-state electroencephalography

Ta Dinh, Son; Nickel, Moritz M.; Tiemann, Laura; More

PAIN. 160(12):2751-2765, December 2019.

Heme and sensory neuropathy: insights from novel mutations in the heme exporter feline leukemia virus subgroup C receptor 1

Bertino, Francesca; Firestone, Kyra; Bellacchio, Emanuele; More

PAIN. 160(12):2766-2775, December 2019.

Dynamic functional connectivity of the migraine brain: a resting-state functional magnetic resonance imaging study

Lee, Mi Ji; Park, Bo-Yong; Cho, Soohyun; More

PAIN. 160(12):2776-2786, December 2019.

Essential key messages about diagnosis, imaging, and self-care for people with low back pain: a modified Delphi study of consumer and expert opinions

French, Simon D.; Nielsen, Mandy; Hall, Leanne; More

PAIN. 160(12):2787-2797, December 2019.

A potential role for T-type calcium channels in homocysteinemia-induced peripheral neuropathy

Gaifullina, Aisylu S.; Lazniewska, Joanna; Gerasimova, Elena V.; More

PAIN. 160(12):2798-2810, December 2019.

Perceptual and motor responses directly and indirectly mediate the effects of noxious stimuli on autonomic responses

Tiemann, Laura; Hohn, Vanessa D.; Ta Dinh, Son; More

PAIN. 160(12):2811-2818, December 2019.

Withdrawal from an opioid induces a transferable memory trace in the cerebrospinal fluid

Drdla-Schutting, Ruth; Heinl, Céline; Hadschieff, Viktoria; More

PAIN. 160(12):2819-2828, December 2019.

Whole-brain functional network disruption in chronic pain with disk herniation

Huang, Shishi; Wakaizumi, Kenta; Wu, Binbin; More

PAIN. 160(12):2829-2840, December 2019.

Daily and bidirectional linkages between pain catastrophizing and spouse responses

Martire, Lynn M.; Zhaoyang, Ruixue; Marini, Christina M.; More

PAIN. 160(12):2841-2847, December 2019.

Paracetamol is ineffective for acute low back pain even for patients who comply with treatment: complier average causal effect analysis of a randomized controlled trial

Schreijenberg, Marco; Lin, Chung-Wei Christine; Mclachlan, Andrew J.; More

PAIN. 160(12):2848-2854, December 2019.

Autoantibodies produce pain in complex regional pain syndrome by sensitizing nociceptors

Cuhadar, Ulku; Gentry, Clive; Vastani, Nisha; More

PAIN. 160(12):2855-2865, December 2019.

Recurrent low back pain patients demonstrate facilitated pronociceptive mechanisms when in pain, and impaired antinociceptive mechanisms with and without pain

McPhee, Megan E.; Graven-Nielsen, Thomas

PAIN. 160(12):2866-2876, December 2019.

Cell-specific role of histone deacetylase 6 in chemotherapy-induced mechanical allodynia and loss of intraepidermal nerve fibers

Ma, Jiacheng; Trinh, Ronnie T.; Mahant, Iteeben D.; More

PAIN. 160(12):2877-2890, December 2019.

Effects of open-label placebo on pain, functional disability, and spine mobility in patients with chronic back pain: a randomized controlled trial

Kleine-Borgmann, Julian; Schmidt, Katharina; Hellmann, Andreas; More

PAIN. 160(12):2891-2897, December 2019.

Reply to Sun et al.

Ericson, Hans; Hamdeh, Sami Abu; Freyhult, Eva; More

PAIN. 160(12):2898-2899, December 2019.