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August 2019 - Volume 160 - Issue 8
pp: 1687-1905

Pharmacological interventions for chronic pain in children: an overview of systematic reviews

Eccleston, Christopher; Fisher, Emma; Cooper, Tess E.; More

PAIN. 160(8):1698-1707, August 2019.

Efficacy of a transdiagnostic emotion–focused exposure treatment for chronic pain patients with comorbid anxiety and depression: a randomized controlled trial

Boersma, Katja; Södermark, Martin; Hesser, Hugo; More

PAIN. 160(8):1708-1718, August 2019.

Cortisol affects pain sensitivity and pain-related emotional learning in experimental visceral but not somatic pain: a randomized controlled study in healthy men and women

Benson, Sven; Siebert, Carsten; Koenen, Laura R.; More

PAIN. 160(8):1719-1728, August 2019.

Remembering the pain of surgery 1 year later: a longitudinal examination of anxiety in children's pain memory development

Noel, Melanie; Rosenbloom, Brittany; Pavlova, Maria; More

PAIN. 160(8):1729-1739, August 2019.

Genetic mapping in Diversity Outbred mice identifies a Trpa1 variant influencing late-phase formalin response

Recla, Jill M.; Bubier, Jason A.; Gatti, Daniel M.; More

PAIN. 160(8):1740-1753, August 2019.

An NPY Y1 receptor antagonist unmasks latent sensitization and reveals the contribution of protein kinase A and Epac to chronic inflammatory pain

Fu, Weisi; Nelson, Tyler S.; Santos, Diogo F.; More

PAIN. 160(8):1754-1765, August 2019.

Antiallodynic effects of the selective NaV1.7 inhibitor Pn3a in a mouse model of acute postsurgical pain: evidence for analgesic synergy with opioids and baclofen

Mueller, Alexander; Starobova, Hana; Morgan, Michael; More

PAIN. 160(8):1766-1780, August 2019.

Progesterone relates to enhanced incisional acute pain and pinprick hyperalgesia in the luteal phase of female volunteers

Pogatzki-Zahn, Esther M.; Drescher, Christiane; Englbrecht, Jan S.; More

PAIN. 160(8):1781-1793, August 2019.

NOD-like receptor protein 3 inflammasome drives postoperative mechanical pain in a sex-dependent manner

Cowie, Ashley M.; Menzel, Anthony D.; O'Hara, Crystal; More

PAIN. 160(8):1794-1816, August 2019.

The relationship between regional pain with or without neuropathic symptoms and chronic widespread pain

McBeth, John; Mulvey, Matthew R.; Rashid, Amir; More

PAIN. 160(8):1817-1823, August 2019.

OPRM1 rs1799971, COMT rs4680, and FAAH rs324420 genes interact with placebo procedures to induce hypoalgesia

Colloca, Luana; Wang, Yang; Martinez, Pedro E.; More

PAIN. 160(8):1824-1834, August 2019.

Somatosensory predictors of response to pregabalin in painful chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy: a randomized, placebo-controlled, crossover study

Hincker, Alexander; Frey, Karen; Rao, Lesley; More

PAIN. 160(8):1835-1846, August 2019.

Antihyperalgesic effects of Meteorin in the rat chronic constriction injury model: a replication study

Xie, Jennifer Y.; Qu, Chaoling; Munro, Gordon; More

PAIN. 160(8):1847-1855, August 2019.

Pain-related functional interference in patients with chronic neuropathic postsurgical pain: an analysis of registry data

Stamer, Ulrike M.; Ehrler, Michaela; Lehmann, Thomas; More

PAIN. 160(8):1856-1865, August 2019.

The role of narrative in the development of children's pain memories: influences of father– and mother–child reminiscing on children's recall of pain

Noel, Melanie; Pavlova, Maria; Lund, Tatiana; More

PAIN. 160(8):1866-1875, August 2019.

Interleukin 6 decreases nociceptor expression of the potassium channel KV1.4 in a rat model of hand–arm vibration syndrome

Alvarez, Pedro; Bogen, Oliver; Levine, Jon D.

PAIN. 160(8):1876-1882, August 2019.

Endogenous pain modulation in children with functional abdominal pain disorders

Pas, Roselien; Rheel, Emma; Van Oosterwijck, Sophie; More

PAIN. 160(8):1883-1890, August 2019.

Parallels between lumbosacral radiculopathy and complex regional pain syndrome: α1-adrenoceptor upregulation, reduced dermal nerve fibre density, and hemisensory disturbances in postsurgical sciatica

Drummond, Peter D.; Morellini, Natalie; Visser, Eric; More

PAIN. 160(8):1891-1900, August 2019.