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June 2019 - Volume 160 - Issue 6
pp: 1235-1486

The medial temporal lobe in nociception: a meta-analytic and functional connectivity study

Ayoub, Lizbeth J.; Barnett, Alexander; Leboucher, Aziliz; More

PAIN. 160(6):1245-1260, June 2019.

Compared to limb pain of other origin, ultrasonographic osteodensitometry reveals loss of bone density in complex regional pain syndrome

Bazika-Gerasch, Bojana; Maier, Christoph; Kumowski, Nina; More

PAIN. 160(6):1261-1269, June 2019.

Quantitative assessment of nonpelvic pressure pain sensitivity in urologic chronic pelvic pain syndrome: a MAPP Research Network study

Harte, Steven E.; Schrepf, Andrew; Gallop, Robert; More

PAIN. 160(6):1270-1280, June 2019.

Platelet-derived growth factor activates nociceptive neurons by inhibiting M-current and contributes to inflammatory pain

Barkai, Omer; Puig, Stephanie; Lev, Shaya; More

PAIN. 160(6):1281-1296, June 2019.

Pain coping skills training for African Americans with osteoarthritis: results of a randomized controlled trial

Allen, Kelli D.; Somers, Tamara J.; Campbell, Lisa C.; More

PAIN. 160(6):1297-1307, June 2019.

Abnormal medial prefrontal cortex functional connectivity and its association with clinical symptoms in chronic low back pain

Tu, Yiheng; Jung, Minyoung; Gollub, Randy L.; More

PAIN. 160(6):1308-1318, June 2019.

Analgesic prescribing trends in a national sample of older veterans with osteoarthritis: 2012-2017

Trentalange, Mark; Runels, Tessa; Bean, Andrew; More

PAIN. 160(6):1319-1326, June 2019.

The role of Nav1.7 in human nociceptors: insights from human induced pluripotent stem cell–derived sensory neurons of erythromelalgia patients

Meents, Jannis E.; Bressan, Elisangela; Sontag, Stephanie; More

PAIN. 160(6):1327-1341, June 2019.

Differential activation of ascending noxious pathways associated with trigeminal nerve injury

Okada, Shinji; Katagiri, Ayano; Saito, Hiroto; More

PAIN. 160(6):1342-1360, June 2019.

Insight into the genetic architecture of back pain and its risk factors from a study of 509,000 individuals

Freidin, Maxim B.; Tsepilov, Yakov A.; Palmer, Melody; More

PAIN. 160(6):1361-1373, June 2019.

SUMMIT-07: a randomized trial of NKTR-181, a new molecular entity, full mu-opioid receptor agonist for chronic low-back pain

Markman, John; Gudin, Jeffrey; Rauck, Richard; More

PAIN. 160(6):1374-1382, June 2019.

Nociceptin/orphanin FQ receptor modulates painful and fatigue symptoms in a mouse model of fibromyalgia

Dagnino, Ana Paula Aquistapase; da Silva, Rodrigo Braccini Madeira; Chagastelles, Pedro Cesar; More

PAIN. 160(6):1383-1401, June 2019.

The serum protease network—one key to understand complex regional pain syndrome pathophysiology

König, Simone; Bayer, Malte; Dimova, Violeta; More

PAIN. 160(6):1402-1409, June 2019.

Multicolumn spinal cord stimulation for predominant back pain in failed back surgery syndrome patients: a multicenter randomized controlled trial

Rigoard, Philippe; Basu, Surajit; Desai, Mehul; More

PAIN. 160(6):1410-1420, June 2019.

Experimental evaluation of central pain processes in young women with primary dysmenorrhea

Payne, Laura A.; Seidman, Laura C.; Sim, Myung-Shin; More

PAIN. 160(6):1421-1430, June 2019.

Distal infraorbital nerve injury: a model for persistent facial pain in mice

Hardt, Stefanie; Fischer, Caroline; Vogel, Alexandra; More

PAIN. 160(6):1431-1447, June 2019.

α5GABAA receptors play a pronociceptive role and avoid the rate-dependent depression of the Hoffmann reflex in diabetic neuropathic pain and reduce primary afferent excitability

Hernández-Reyes, José E.; Salinas-Abarca, Ana B.; Vidal-Cantú, Guadalupe C.; More

PAIN. 160(6):1448-1458, June 2019.

Cisplatin educates CD8+ T cells to prevent and resolve chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy in mice

Laumet, Geoffroy; Edralin, Jules D.; Dantzer, Robert; More

PAIN. 160(6):1459-1468, June 2019.

Pain or nociception? Subjective experience mediates the effects of acute noxious heat on autonomic responses - corrected and republished

Mischkowski, Dominik; Palacios-Barrios, Esther E.; Banker, Lauren; More

PAIN. 160(6):1469-1481, June 2019.